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Mini Blog Workshop Series 3: Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Posted by Cindy on June 7, 2012 at 7:47 am



I am have been asked by readers, what are the ways to monetize your blog once you are online and have set up a steady posting schedule.
This is what I am going to cover here in this week’s blog post.
If you have been following our previous mini blog workshops, you should have a blog set-up on wordpress, blogger or any other blog platforms (Workshop 1). By now, you should also have decided on a niche for your blog and some sample post content that you will like to write about to communicate with your readers (Workshop 2). If you have missed any of the previous mini-blog workshop series or would like to revisit them you can click on the links above.


The content below has been researched and found to be helpful to others in creating an income streams online. However, I have not tried these strategies as yet online expect for Google adsense previously with some success. At this point, my intention is to have my blog become a resource for you and other solopreneurs who like to transit to an online business.
In today’s blog, I like to talk about ways to you can monetize your blog
1. Advertising
This is one of the most common ways to monetize your blog, that is to have ads displayed on your blog that are sent to you either by ad networks or advertisers whom you approach directly for advertising. These are some of the blog networks you can approach for ads.
Google Adsense: Displays contextual ads on your blog. This was one of the first networks that I applied to and got accepted. Adsense is a good ad network advertiser if you have relevant content with highly searched keywords. However, it’s difficult to make a lot of money from Google adwords in a short period of time. It took me almost 3 months to get my first cheque from Google.

Chitika: You can get paid per click and this network allows you to promote products through interactive merchandising malls and allows readers to comparison- shop before they decide to make a purchase on an item. Relevant information is also supplied to help buyers make informed choices. Allows you the autonomy to accept and reject advertisers on your blog which other organizers do not. You can also leverage on this platform if you intend to sell your ads directly to merchants. Allows you to sell links on you can retain control of the editorial of your blog.


2. Sponsored Blog posts

• Finding your own sponsors: You can approach your own sponsors if you a post that relates to a particular product or service. For instance if you are reviewing the types of online savings accounts, you can get a sponsored post from online banks, banks or financial institutions. However, be sure to let your readers know that the post is sponsored by ‘BigBoy'[name of organization].
3. Affiliate Sales/Sale of own products
Commission Junction
• Own affiliate program

4. Consulting

If your blog discusses on a topic such as branding for small companies, you may soon be approached by other small businesses to be their branding consultant. This will happen if you have excellent content that allows small business owners to achieve their objectives.
5. Sell memberships to your blog

If you have premium content, you may consider having a section of your most valuable content available to paid subscribers. If you are using wordpress, you can password-protect certain pages of your blog or use a membership service like amember.comor

6. Teach a class
If your blog topic centers on a niche topic that your audience is interested in such as building and marketing a mobile app, you may want to consider teaching a class n this.
There may be some audience who like to be guided instead of simply reading from your blogs. Other ways to deliver the content include

Webinar, whereby audiences can make payment and view a series of online webinars at pre-schedule times. There are others who charge for the content from viewers after the webinar and they pay only if they find the content useful. You have got to have very strong content in order to do this.
Tele-coaching, this takes place either weekly on bi-weekly. Participants purchase a set number of coaching sessions and you can go through the lessons with them through the phone. This form of coaching is effective and assignments can be given to participants to determine their level of understanding.
Live class
If you have the resources and stamina, you can deliver a live class at a scheduled time and location. Most bloggers eventually have live classes with some starting conferences such as the Financial Bloggers Summit or Affilite Summit, a conference for affiliate marketers.
7. Promote a Giveaway
If your blog has a strong audience base and attract lots of readers, you can consider finding sponsors for giveaway from companies and charging them for this service. Examples of products that can do well are items that are new, items that are easy to ship. New books can do especially well. If you blog has a topic that ties in well with the launch of a new book, you can request for review copies to be given to your readers in exchange for a book review for the author. However this approach works only if you have a large audience.


8. Sell your Blog
For highly successful blogs which you have taken considerable amounts of time and efforts to build up, you can take this final step to sell the blog away and allow the new organization or media company to further develop the blog.

These are some of the ways to monetize your blog. For more ideas on how to monetize yur blog, you can refer to

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