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Mini Blog Workshop Series 2: What Should I Write On My Blog?

Posted by Cindy on May 31, 2012 at 6:51 am

Julien Haler

                                         By Julien Haler

In our last week’s blog, we talked about choosing a niche topic for your blog.
Once you have your niche selected, what types of content do you share on your blog?
If you have ever been writing for any length of time, you may run into situations where you feel you have nothing to write or share about. However in blogging, it is important to be consistent and commit to a regular posting schedule in order to gain traction and to attract readers to your blog. Secondly committing to a regular posting schedule will soon help you create the momentum to post on a more regular basis. A side benefit of writing regular post is that your writing will start to get better and you will have less grammar errors, your sentences will sound less clumsy.
So what content do we share on our blogs?

Type 1: Entertainment

By Randy Le’Monie Photography

These are the types of blog post whereby you share things such as jokes, funny pictures that is designed to entertain the reader while at the same time provide a mini-lesson or anecdote to a situation relevant to your topic.
Type 2: Educational Content
Most readers are familiar with educational content post which is designed to provide education or a lesson to your readers. An example of blog post with educational value includes this post which includes a mini-workshop on developing your blog.
Educational content in blogs are important resource for your readers and allows your readers to have a feel of your expertise in that niche.
Type 3: Informational Content
Informational content are also another common feature in most blogs especial blogs which attracts a high readership. Informational content is important to the growth of a blog as you can only retain and attract readers if you have useful content to share. Informational blogs may contain
• How- to information
• When –to applying for something
• What-to do, this is especially common in travel blogs which list itinerary and what activities to do in each location.

Type 4: Opinion
A good way to interact with your readers is to run a poll. For instance, you can run a poll on the type of chili they prefer, type of vacations they enjoy, be it a cruise, beach vacation or stay-cation. This type of blog post creates great entertainment and allows you to get to know your readers better.

Type 5: News Value
Blog post with news value works best when there is a breaking event such as the upcoming Presidential Election in the United States, Greece Credit Crisis etc etc etc..
If you can link your blog post to the current news event, then this type of post can attract lots of traffic to your blog during the time of the news.
There was once I wrote about GM’s layoff and how to create your own recession income in the event of a layoff, that blog gave me a sudden spike of traffic as the news was relevant.

Type 6: List post

These post are relatively easy for your readers to read and easy to write as most of the content is broken down into a list. Titles of blog post that contact “Top 10 List “, “Top 7 Ways to …” are example of list posts. Some bloggers like to include spreadsheets and templates together with list post for their readers.
I personally prefer to write list post combined with an anecdote at the beginning as this allows readers, even those who scan the information to be able to gleam the important information.

Type 7: Problem-solution post
As the name suggest, you start with a problem situation and present various solutions to the problem. You can also do case-studies of your customers or readers problems or challenges in this type of problem-solution post. Examples of blogs that does case-studies very well is smartpassiveincome by Pat Flynn which details how he makes passive income online through a monthly income report.
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