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Do you Trust that ‘Little Voice’ In your Head?

Posted by Cindy on March 28, 2012 at 10:02 am



Don’t we sometimes have that ‘little voice’ in our head that tells us otherwise?

Well, sometimes that ‘little voice’ is good such as hinting to you that a particualr person whom youhave met just gives you the creeps and turns out that he was involved in the latest scam.

Other times, that ‘little voice’ in our head can get in our way.

Do you have that sometimes procrastinate on a project and that ‘little voice’ in your head tells you that ” I can start tomorrow. It’s still early. I have plenty of time.”
Before long, you realize that the project is due in another 48 hours.

I am also guilty of this sometimes. Everytime I want to start working out and keeping fit, the ‘fat voice’ tells me ” Oh, it’s raining outside. You can do it tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow. Until 20 pounds later, I realized it’s now or never and decided to pay a persona; trainer to keep me disciplined.

How many times have you wanted to create your own product but your ‘little voice’ seems to get in the way asking

“Who am I to create this product?”

” I do not have any particular expertise to share with others.”

“How do I start to create a product when I do not not know where to start?” etc. etc. etc…

Well, one thing that can silenced that ‘little voice’ in your head is by taking action.

#1: Being taking action by doing a small part everyday at the same time.

#2: Create a product launch pad.I create an outline of the product that I want to create first before I start on my research. That eway, it gives me a guide as to how to create that product and serves as a launch pad for my project.

#3: Create a checklist. You can track your progress easily and seek help when you need it.

Hope these few tips can help you to get started with your own projects till completion.

P.S: If you are looking for a exact blueprint as to how to create an info-product fast, check out this link by an ex-college drop-out who managed to create an info-product in less than 3 hours and has made him thousands online.
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