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The Best $17.76 I have Ever Made

Posted by Cindy on May 10, 2012 at 1:49 am



This blog post is long overdue. I made my first $17.76 online
about three months back in February.

I woke up one day and logged into my email account as usual
only to get a surprise message that says

Clickbank Notifications:”You’ve Got a Sale”

first sale made

My First $17.76 online


Although the amount was small,  it was still a pleasant surprise.

The best thing about online income is it is PASSIVE INCOME!.

I love passive income. It is income that comes in without one’s active involvement.

You can be out shopping, dinning or spending time with your family and have the money come in automatically.

Here are the steps I took to earn my first stream of passive income online.

#1: Decide on a product or service you want to promote.
It is best to have used the product or service before so you can
best review it and determine the appropriate product for
a particular group of audience.

  • For instance, you may want to promote a step-by-step DIY type of website building software for newbies.

Newbies are often stumped at building a business online because they don’t know how to build a website,

how to drive more  visitors to their website.

  • Some of them are looking for a way to build and maintain a website so that they can concentrate on building their business.

Thus this type of product will do well for newbies who are just starting online.
You wouldn’t for instance promote this type of product to established web business owners who have a large team

of employees and outsourcers who can work on their projects.

#2: Once you have established your target audience, find ways to reach them.
If you are tragetting newbies online, you can start by advertising on

  • newsletters for beginners.
  • community newspapers
  • using pay-per-click
  • writing articles sharing basic web building tips for newbies.
  • Forums

If you are advertising on forums,you have to be helpful first.
Do not jump immediately to promoting your product. Find out which threads
have people who face the issues your product can solve. Help them first before you
propose your solution. On online forums, you have to earn the ‘right’ to promote first.

#3: Drive more traffic to your website.

You have to learn how to drive more visitors or traffic to your website.
If you own a retail outlet, you would want to have more vistors to your store.
The same goes for an online business. The more visitors you have,the higher the chance of you converting
your visitors to customers.

There are many ways to drive visitors to your website such as

  • Writing informative articles with a link to your website.
  • Advertising online
  • Doing a guest post on related blogs that have a high PR rank.
  • These are some of the ways. To learn more, click here.

#4: Rinse and repeat.

Many people gain the inital euphoria of obtsaining their first sale
and forget to do the things which earned them their first sale.
They also forget about their customers and no longer bother to write to them.
Their email frequency gets lesser and lesser and they share less information.

There is also one final tip.
Get a mentor. It is difficult to succeed online if you do not have a mentor
or someone to guide you and hold you accountable for things you have to do in order to succeed.
Last but not the least, these are the few people whom I will credit for helping me earn my first dollar online.
They are Jaz Lai, Deagan Smith and article marketing King-Sean Mize.

Check out Daegan Smith’s online traffic revolution from the King of Never calling a single lead!

To your success and more passive income




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