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How to turn an angry customer into a raving fan! & Reader Survey

Posted by Cindy on April 25, 2012 at 3:35 am

Last weekend, I ran into a situation in my work. One customer complained that the printing for one document was not done right.

I tried to explain to her that the damage could have been done during the delivery of the document, but she only started screaming at me.(Not a good situation to be caught in.)

So took photos of it and tried to send them to me via a short message. Alas, my phone was the old type of phone with limited memory space and could hardly make out the pictures.

Thus, I agreed to meet her at 7.a.m at her place tosee the damage and what we could do about it.

I believe she didn’t expect me to show up at her place on a Sunday morning.Thus she softened her approach. Upon inspection, yes the document was indeed damaaged during the transit.I replace her document and gave her two other new copies. She was so glad that she volunteered to give me a lift to my next destination.

Through this experience, this is what I feel must be done to turn a negative situation around and win a raving fan!

  • ┬áNever argue with a customer over the phone. It only exacerbates the situation.
  • ┬áBe proactive and volunteer to reactify the situation at your cost.
  • Pay your customer a personal visit. If possible, yes even on a Sunday morning if he/she is staying in the same geographical location.
  • The last point cannot be overemphasized. Paying people a personal visit to try and fix the situation tells them that you are sincere in wanting to make things right.
  • If you have a customers who gives you feedback, whether positive or negative, it can help you improve your business and processes.

This is what I learned from the experience.
# Make sure I have bubble wrap to protect the product during transit.
# Make sure that I include tracing paper between the pages tomake sure the ink on the pages does not run and become damage due to high heat or pressure during the postage.
# Factor in extra buffer for damages.
# Improve my delivery and fulfillment process.

An angry customers just has expectations that were not fulfilled. Try your best to fulfill their needs and you have a raving fan!

If you are the type who donot wish to deal face-to-face with a customer, the best is to set up a lifestyle business. Some of the best gurus out there for this are

Scott from Remote Entrepreneur

Jaz Lai from Inbox Cash Blueprint

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