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Why I stopped blogging and…




Why I Stopped Blogging and Why I will start again

One of the reasons I stopped blogging is because I find that updating my blog takes too much time and gets in the way of my travels and product development.

It is tedious to create a product while on the go and at the same time continue blogging.

I am now in the midst of creating a new product that will benefit people who are new to online business and would like to get started.

I have studied what other gurus are doing and gave serious thoughts as to why a lot of people fail to get started online.

Some of the key stumbling blocks they face is

# No website,don’t know how to create a website

#No knowledge of how to create a sales funnel

# How to create a squeeze page

# How to register a domain name

#How to get web hosting

#How to get more people to visit my website and buy from me.

#Spending money but not getting the results

etc etc etc…

These are some of the most common reasons why people give up starting and continuing their web business online.

So in my upcoming product, I am going to

  • Give you templates to create your own landing page
  • Show you videos on how to get web hosting and register a domain name of your choice
  • Show you how to create your own squeeze page or landing page in 7 steps.
  • Give you a product that you can give away to attract subscribers and build a relationship with your visitors.
  • How to set up a sales funnel.

This is my first big product that I am going to launch after my first product that chronicles the successful path taken by successful bloggers. You can still check it out here. Blog Millionaires. I’m extending this offer for the next 7 days only before the price goes up!

Let me know the types of bonuses you prefer when you purchase  copy of my latest product on

My First Online Business that will be ready before

Thanksgiving, giving you sufficient time to earn some cash for that Christmas shopping.

  1. Give you a domain name and web hosting
  2. Set up a landing page for you, complete with a freebie to attract and build relationships with your visitors.
  3. Set up the whole sales funnel for you including a website, squeeze page, domain name and web hosting.
  4. Provide you with 10 ready-made business that you can use to instantly start your own online business.

Comment on your choice below, Option 1, 2, 3 or 4 in the comments page below and I will giveaway a copy to one lucky winner. Also let me know why you deserve a copy of the My First Online Business.

Contest ends on 20 October 2013.

My First Internet Business

My First Internet Business

Why I Will Start Blogging Again

After consulting with my mentor, I will start blogging again for

  1. Create value and at the same time help others succeed online.
  2. Share my current progress on product development with my readers and refine my ideas while building a product they need.
  3. Interact with my readers.I am inspired by the comments you leave me especially those on how you have gained profitably from this blog.

Remember to leave your comments in the post below for a chance to win my latest product, soon to be released.










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Oct 3, 2013

A-Z Blog Challenge : Day 22: Viral Marketing on Steriod



IRAL MARKETING ON STEROIDS. In Day 22 of the A-Z Challenge which coincides with the letter V. I think the most appropriate topic to talk about is how to transform your marketing into a viral form of marketing that can spread like a ‘virus’ online.

By applying viral marketing to your blog or website, you can attract tons of traffic to your website. Well, if you have been following my blog, you know that traffic is the main source to increasing your cash flow. More traffic, more cash, and more money in the bank.


Now what is viral marketing you may ask?

Viral marketing refers to a strategy to encourage visitors to spread your marketing message.

Think ‘Tupperware’ as synonymous to plastic storage containers and Google to search. These are brand names that have become viral.


Here’s a few ways to make your marketing go viral

1Give away stuff for free

If you have written articles, eBooks or templates that will be useful to your subscribers or audience, you can give it away for free on your website. This allows you to build your subscriber’s list and at the same time if your freebie is of a high quality, you can attract lost of viral traffic as people start talking about the high quality of your free gift and how useful it has been for them.

2Make it easy for people to share

This is really self explanatory  if you allow people to easily share your marketing message via Twitter, Facebook or other Social 2.0 websites,you can encourage people to spread your messages wild and wide.This works especially well for sites such as Pinterest whereby you can  encourage visitors to share a picture or a funny graphic and very often the weirder it gets, the more attention it receives.



Do not forget to scale the systems and infrastructure that your marketing message is being distributed from. I remember once, when I was going a blog campaign to give away a free eBook on step-by-step methods for newbies to get started online, only to realize that my website was done only 2 hours into the campaign. The reason was due to the server’s inability to sustain the huge amounts of traffic that I was receiving at one time.

Remember Hotmail, when they started this viral campaign by putting a line at the bottom of every one’s email message to get Hotmail, this was how Hotmail became viral and the infrastructure was able to cope with the new load that it was attracting. Contrast this with the Netscape campaign. Netscape attracted lots of new users to use their then dial-up programme by giving a CD away for free, giving a free amount of dial-up service, only to find that the servers were not able to cope with the additional demand.

Nothing will irritate customers more than not being able to receive the service you need.

4Leverage on other people’s communication networks

Authors are very fond of using this method. Writers will usually distribute their content on other people’s magazines or ezines, hoping to leverage on their media and network to gain wider exposure for their writings.At the same time, you can also use the same strategy by contributing your content to other people’s blog as a guest post or contribute articles to article directories and videos on video sharing sites. By leveraging on other people’s network, your marketing will spread like a’virus’.

These and other strategies were first shared in this eBook.



About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here


Yesterday, I am  was talking about my  planning stages in creating an eBook on Online Business Planning and these are the initial chapters.

  • Importance of planning
  • Why plan
  • Planing your product/service
  • Resources

Here’s an initial mock-up of the book cover, give me some comments on this.


Just leave me some comments in the comment box below.




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Apr 25, 2013

A-Z Blg Challenge: Day 19: Success is ….











In today’s post, I like to talk about success in the online business.

When you are starting out, success may be writing that article, first blog post or making the first sale online.

Once you have gotten started, you redefine success in another way.

For many online marketers, success is being able to replace their current salary so that they can

stay home and be with their family or go on vacations without having to apply for leave from the



So what is your definition of success when it comes to an online business?

Perhaps you can share with out readers here by commenting on this post below.

About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here

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Apr 23, 2013

A-Z Blog Challenge Day 18:Quick Response to Your Affiliate Campaigns




“How Do I Get Others to Click thru my affiliate links and buy now?”

This is one of the questions that is asked often by subscribers and people who attend seminars on internet marketing.

There are several ways to encourage quick response to your affiliate offers and in this blog, I will share with you several time tested strategies for your prospects to click thru your affiliate links and make the sale process faster so more money gets into your pocket faster.


1Give tiered bonuses

In order to encourage people to ‘Buy Now’, you can give out tiered bonuses, that is bonuses are given for the first 10, 20 or 50 people who click on your link and make their purchases.

This is an effective strategy that used by many effective marketers especially when they have a major product launch.

I have seen marketers give out another product with their new product purchase for the first 100 who purchase and other gifts and bonuses are available to the next 100 to 500 people who purchase.

This works especially well for complementary products. That is if you have an eBook that teaches people on how to build a list, you can offer bonuses such as free squeeze page templates or discounts off an autoresponder subscription. An autoresponder that I personally use is It provides a low-cost and effective solution for you to keep in regular contact with your subscribers.

2Borrow ideas from direct-response TV.

This is a idea you can borrow from direct response TV. If you were to watch the late night direct response TV ads, you will notice that free gifts are given to people who respond now. In addition, they also have a limited time offer that is an upsell from the basic product they are promoting.

Say they are promoting a juicer and for a limited time only, the first 20 callers will also get the slicer for $xxx amount of money.

You can also offer a payment plan for big ticket items as in direct response TV when they often say as low as $9.90 per month for 3 months. So if you were to split up the payments, you can get people to act quite quickly on the offer.

3Have a time-limited offer

You can have a dime sale or fire sale for the first 72 hours of your product launch or affiliate offer. Very often, the most sales is usually made within 24 hours of a major product launch and it is important to stimulate as much as possible in the initial 24 to 72 hours.

That is why marketers will have a limited time offer of a special introductory price only for the next 72 hours or less.

Tomorrow is Friday and the start of the weekend,I will  be sharing with you residual income ideas you can implement this weekend. For a teaser of what is to follow, you can download something similar here at

==> Freedom Blueprints.

About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here

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Apr 18, 2013

A-Z Blog Challenge Day 8 : If I were to Start All Over Again with $170 Dollars




Recently, I was asked this question by a subscriber.


“If you were to start all over again with only $170, what would you do?”


So I thought I will share with you all about this topic as it also coincides with today’s letter “I”

Here’s what I would do

1) Register for a domain name

This is one of the most important step. Most newbies think they can make-do with a domain that rest on other people’s hosting such as Blogger or WordPress. However, if you want to build credibility for your business, you need to be able to build a strong brand and having a dedicated domain name is one of the best ways to do that.

You can register for a domain name with either GoDaddy.coom or My preference is This month’s discount code for April’s domain name registration is “TLDSALE” to get your discount.


2) Set up squeeze page

This is a simple web page that allows your subscribers to enter their name and email address in a small form. This allows you to capture their names and email address and continue to communicate with them. In order to increase the number of subscribers who leave you with their name and email address, it is always good to give away something that is valuable such as an eBook with tips on how to build an online business or information that allows your subscribers to be able to solve their problems.

3) Start driving traffic and building a list of subscribers

I would then start to drive traffic and this is the area that I am going to spend some money online. I will buy some ads from online newsletters in order to drive traffic to my squeeze page. So if I were to spend $50 per ad, I will be able to get 3 ads. From 3 ads, I usually will be able to get 100-300 subscribers.

Thereafter, I will spend my time writing articles and contributing to article directories and other

e-zines to drive traffic back to my squeeze page.

4) Build a relationship and find out what subscribers want

Once subscribers have given me their names and email addresses, I will continue to write and email to them to build a relationship with them. I need to earn their trust before I earn their dollar. Once I have a list of 500-1000 subscribers, I will email them a survey or ask them a question on what are the areas in XXX area they are facing difficulties with. When I have a list of their responses, I will sort them according to the number of people who have the same problems, and then I will start looking and sharing a solution with them.

5) Recommend products and services that can help them solve their problems

Once you know what pressing issues they have, you can

  • Start to look for a solution
  • Create an eBook on the solutions if you are an expert in this area.
  • Recommend products or services that will help your subscribers.

So for instance, if I have a list of 1,000 subscribers and I know their problem is with creating a website, I will recommend products to them that can help them build a website that can easily be updated. So with 1,000 names, if only 10 people buy from me for the first time at $50, I will be able to earn $50. I will continue to send out another email and this time, my conversion rate may increase by another 5 more to have 15 people, then I will be able to earn $750 for a total sales of $1250.

So if I were to do the math

  • Domain name about $10.00
  • Web hosting $100.00 per year
  • Total sales: $1250.
  • Advertising $150.00
  • Net sales: $990.00

This is how I will get started if I ever have to start all over again.

With the amount of money that I have made, I may spend more on traffic to increase the number of subscribers or outsource article writing to others.

The key really likes in building a list of subscribers who are interested in what I have to offer first.

Serve through selling.


About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here


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Apr 10, 2013