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Do you see a young lady or old lady?


What do you see?

Do you see a young lady or old lady or both?


Do you see a young lady or an old lady?

Some of you may see an old lady, whilst others may see a young lady.

There are also others who claim that if you are young,

chances are you can see the young lady quicker as compared to when you are more matured.

Well, this picture reminds me not to see things from one perspective only.

Why do I say that?

Recently, I received complains about a situation that I was caught in at work.One of the customers complained that one of the classes was too noisy for her child and she finds it not productive.

I too was annoyed at the teacher who was conducting that class and my first instinct was to go and point it out to him and ask him to control the class better the next day.

However, upon hearing his explanation, I realized I only had one side of the story.

The fact is that the students had been studying diligently for the past two-and-a-half hours. They just had a break and was rather rowdy or ‘noisy’ as one parent put it. This was the only scene that parent witness and to her,it was her reality and made her form a false impression that the kids were noisy.

So if you can only see one side of the picture, do not jump to conclusions.

The same way you apply your skills to Internet Marketing or as you try to earn a living online.

Very often,we see the Gurus succeeding and see photos of them having vacations or sipping tropical fruit juice.
However, what we have not seen is the other side of the coin, the amount of effort they have put in initially to build up the business, the amount of investment they spent on building traffic or doing joint ventures with the rest to get to where they are now.

We only see the fruits of their success but not the effort they have put in. So if you are on the verge of ‘throwing in the towel’ because you have not made one “red-cent” online try to persist as success may be one step away.

If you have been following what the gurus tell you to do and have not had much success, here’s what I suggest you do

  • 1) Go through the steps or learning again. You may have missed some important steps in your business building.
  • 2) Identify gaps in your understanding. That is, areas you have not been able to put in place even after the course.
  • 3) Once you have identified the ‘missing link’ in step 2, seek help and look for solutions to that issue. For instance, if you realized you need to write more ‘keyword’ rich articles to drive more traffic and click-thrus, then set a schedule and write more consistently so you can can have consistent stream of traffic. This will boost you passive income stream continuously.
  • 4) Set a goals and review your progress every week. Do more of the steps that get your results and try to outsource the tasks that are necessary but do not make you money.
  • 5) Invest your initial earnings into your online business so that you can grow faster and further.

If you like to check out a programme that is helping a lot of people make a living online without all the B.S, you have to check out this “Freedom Blueprints”.


I too, have been guilty of sometimes jumping to conclusions too fast and giving up too soon without really giving myself a chance to succeed.

Don’t be like me, give yourself the space and chance to succeed.

What are some of the incidents which you gave up too soon too fast, only to realize that if you have persisted one step more, you would have succeeded? Share your thoughts with the rest of the readers here.


P.S: If you still can’t figure out the two, just remember that the young lady’s ear is the old lady’s eye.

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Mar 14, 2012