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Your Blueprints for Success

Posted by Cindy on May 12, 2013 at 4:38 am

I realized that after participating in the A-Z Blog Challenge,

I am beginning to like writing and updating my blog.

I certainly hope this enthusiasm can continue.

Today being Sunday and the start of another week, I like to talk

about creating a blueprint for success online.


Most people start online and ‘jump’ into this field after

having attended a couple or courses on marketing online

or starting a business from home online. However, most of them lack a blueprint to succeed and end up losing invaluable time.

Without a plan, they will

  • procrastinate when updating their blogs
  • Procrastinate when they have to set up their squeeze pages
  • Waste time thinking of what to do next
  • Information overload.

Here’s how to create a simple blueprint

  1. List down all the tasks that have to be completed.
  2. Rank them according to which should come first
  3. Break the task into small tasks and plan a time to
  4. complete them daily. This will build consistency into your plan.
  5. For more ideas and tips on building an online blueprint check out the following eBook .


I have made a special request for them to provide a prelaunch copy to my readers.

To your success



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