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How to make $3000.00 in Your Online Business

Posted by Cindy on October 11, 2012 at 9:44 am



As you know there are a variety of ways to make money online.

The most common way is to become someone’s affiliate, others include blogging, advertising, selling physical products online, and becoming an online middle-man, freelancing so on and so forth.

Since there are so many ways to make money online, the first step is to identify which method suits you best. The above ways to make money online can be classified into the following categories.

  • Content Model, which includes blogging, content intensive websites like Tripadvisor, these are sites that make money mainly from pay-per-click ads and other affiliate products.
  • Product Model that is websites like Amazon, eBay and smaller websites that sells physical or digital downloadable products. An example of a successful website is that sells hot tubs online.
  • Middle-man websites are common online now. Examples include Lendingtree that earns money from selling leads to companies that provide loans for customers.
  • Info-products model, this is my favorite model as it does not involve having to account for physical inventory, the headaches of shipping and tracking the parcel. In addition, my customers can immediately access their purchase and find solutions to their problems once they have the information. So today, I will focus on how to earn your first $3,000 online per month through an info-product business.

Let me take you through an example for better illustration.

Say for example, you are a native Singaporean or have stayed in Singapore for a length of time. You know the city well, its culture and its history as well as places which sells the best food. You can create an info-product business around it.

You can start by creating city guides to well-known tourist attractions in Singapore that visitors will be interested in and you add your own twist. You know that typical tourist guides provide general directions, so you can start a Subway Guide to Singapore for Visitors.

You can compile the information based on your own knowledge or drawn from related websites from the Tourism board. Other ways you can monetize this site includes adding links to affiliate products like maps, travel products, booking of accommodation and attractions.

You can also include consulting projects on the side for business interested to set up shop here and introduce them to the various business registration agencies, tax agencies or real estate agents or suppliers of you have the knowledge. So using the above example, these are the potential earnings from just one site.

Description Potential Income Source
Selling of eBooks @ $19.90 Sell 30 copies a month, that is 1 copy a day=$597
Affiliate sales from hotel booking, sale of maps and other etc. etc Average sale is about $40 and you net $20, at one sale a day you will receive $600.00
Ads that are displayed on your website $100/month x 20 = $2,000
Consulting projects You can charge by the hour and this can net you a potential of upwards of $1,000 a month.

There you have it; you can make sales of more than $4,500 per month online.

Other ways to monetize it include

  • Adding a directory of local business that serves tourists such as tailor, medical tourism etc.
  • Selling or license some of the articles you have written to travel agencies or other publications for a fee.
  • Selling other niche info-products such as business guides to Singapore, Marina Bay sands guide to business interested in exhibiting in Singapore, so on and so forth. These special guides can be marketed online through specialized trade publications and sold for a higher price as you need to do more legwork and research. You can also include free updates via your website.

Today’s blog begins a series of post on how to make your first $3,000 online and I hope you will enjoy reading and take action towards your online enterprise. As they say when the “going gets tough, the tough gets going”. Take action to secure your financial future and your dreams with a part-time online business.

If you want to know about other ways to make money online, just leave your comments below or reply to my email.

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