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5 Keys to Launching Your First Online Business

Posted by Cindy on April 11, 2012 at 4:07 pm

I’m sure a lot of people are not aware that I have only been online for the past 3 months.

As I reflect on my journey for the past three months, I am filled with gratitude and happiness at having made this journey and taking the first step towards achieving my first stream of passive income.

Three months may not be a long time. But within this short span of time, I have been able to

  1. Build up a list of 500 subscribers in my mailing list.
  2. Created this blog and have held onto a regular posting schedule every Wednesday(sorry, today’s post is slightly late).
  3. Created my first “Thrifty Tuesday” Campaign where I reward my subscribers with a useful product they can purchase at only $2. Yup, two bucks!
  4. Sold my first solo ad.
  5. Created a fully functioning website complete with squeeze page and an opt-in form.
  6. Written more than 100 emails to my subscribers.
  7. Made my first sale on in February 2012. That’s was the best $17 I ever made as it was purely passive income. But this is the story for another time.
  8. Published more than 50 articles on
  9. Achieved Platinum status on

All these would not have been possible if I had not adhered to the following five keys.

Key Number 1: Routine and Structure

If I had written emails in a haphazard manner and only write whenever I was free to do so, I believe I would not have written more than 30 emails. When I first started in late December-January period, this was the attitude I adopted. I wrote infrequently or whenever I found the time to;which was after all the partying was done in December. I only average 5 emails  that month.

Upon reflection, I felt that my subscribers deserved more.They had placed their trust in me and I had to deliver. Thus I changed my strategy in January and decided to write my blog post on Monday so I have time to review before I publish it on Wednesday. I’d write my emails on Mondays, Fridays and Sunday mornings, the minute I reached my desk.

Lesson Number 1 Learned: Discipline is important but having a routine and structure will enable you to take the neccessary steps towards your goals.

Key Number 2: Prioritize

It is important to prioritize and do the most important things first. I learned that to improve my productivity on line, I needed to track the amount of time I was spending and what activity I was spending it on. One week after I had done this tracking, I realized thta my biggest time waster was checking my Facebook updates the minute I got online.Hence I decided to only log into my Facebook account after I have accomplished all my tasks for my online business.

Lesson Number 2: Prioritize and focus.

Key Number 3: Create Systems

Systems are important to help you get started quickly on your tasks and avoid procrastinating.  I had this one big discovery after reading a blog post by Ramit Sethi, he is the guy behind the New York Times bestseller “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”. In one of his blog post, one of his readers improved his productivity by creating systems that allows him to get teh job done.

Thus I decided to create a simple system that looks like this

  • Write my to-do list the night before.
  • I minute I hit my  work station, I will review the list and do the first item and get strike it off until I reached the last item on my list.
This strategy enabled me to gain momentum and avoid procrastination
.Otherwise, on most evenings, I will stare blankly at my computer screen if I needed to write an email or surf mindlessly on the Internet looking for ideas on what to write.
Lesson Number 3: Systems are important for preventing procrastination.

Key Number 4: Get to the Point

This key is actually a cumulation of what I had learned from practising point number 2 and 3. It was perfectly crystallized by Donald Trump in one of his books-“The Midas Touch”. He has a 4-step formula for getting things done.

  1. Get in
  2. Get it done
  3. Get it done right
  4. Get out.
This is the strategy he used whether he was building a skyscraper or working on one episode of the Apprentice.
Hence whenever I was launching or introducing a new product as a reseller, I would
+done some preliminary research
+create some plans
+communicate with my subscribers
+end by checking my stats to find out what was working and what wasn’t so that I can plan and implement better in my next product launch.
Lesson Number 4: Get to the Point

Key Number 5: Stay close to your business

It is tempting to over delegate when you are just getting started online. You will discover lots of people who are willing to get tasks done at a fraction of the amount it takes you to do it. Hence with so many outsources available at low-cost, this strategy is indeed tempting. However, I realized that in order to stay close to the business and serve my subscribers well, I really need to stay close to the business. I only delegate technical issues which I have absolutely no idea how to do.

Lesson Number 5: Stay close to the business

As I look back on the number of things I have done for the past three months, especially in writting this post to all of you, these are the five keys that have allowed me to accomplish all these. Although my results pale in comparison to others, I’m glad I have taken the first step. It has also brought me clarity on the critical things I need to do to get started online.

Cheer me on and let’s help one another in our quest for passive income online.

Share with us your plans for the next quarter here and let’s cheer one another one.

If you are keen to find out what started my online in this fabulous journey, check out this

This is hands-down one of the most honest online marketers I have ever seen online. He describes the same way every strategy has worked for him and tells us what works and what does not. His 30-Day blueprint is priceless in helping me get started online.

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