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3 Tools for Successful Affiliates

Posted by Cindy on September 19, 2012 at 6:19 am

Most people who begin their online business will start as someone else’s affiliate first.

This is because they do not need to invest considerable sums of money to build their sales funnel.

They can combine some of their own products and promote related products by others as an affiliate.

Thus affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways for online marketers to succeed online if they know

what they are doing. Through my observations, these are the top three tools all successful affiliate

marketers have in their marketing arsenal.

(1) Your Own Website

One of the key things to becoming a successful affiliate online is to have your own website. Granted, most people go online not to purchase things but to research their purchases before making a buying decision. Hence having your own website can serve two purposes,

(a) Give users an impression that you are an expert n your niche and build creditability online.

(b) Build your list of subscribers online.

Method (b) is one of my favorite methods for converting visitors into buyers online. Having a website with a squeeze page at the side is one of the best ways to retain visitors to your website. In addition, once you have built up a list, you can continue to sell to them whenever you have a new product or service online.

(2) Quality Giveaways online

Competition online for the same niches is getting stiffer every minute due to the low barrier of entry. Thus, in order to stand out from the crowd of affiliate marketers who are marketing the same products, it is good to giveaway quality freebies online either the minutes you have visitors who sign up on your squeeze page.

Another way to use this method to increase sales is to give away bonuses that are related to the product you are promoting to subscribers or people who buy the affiliate through your link. in fact, this methods works so well, that I have personally surveyed my customers and asked them why they choose to buy Product A instead of Product B, even though the two products serves the same function. The reason given was the quality of bonuses offered that attracted them to Product A. So learn to incentives your purchases online.


(3) Build a little ‘link-love’

No one can be a successful affiliate if they do not know how to drive traffic to either their affiliate links or website. In fact, this is one of the key things that separate six figure affiliates from those who are struggling. High earning affiliate are able to drive lots of traffic to their website either via paid or free methods.

One of the free methods of traffic generation is via SEO or search-engine optimization techniques. In order to boost your SEO rankings in the search engines, it is always good to have highly trafficked sites linking to your websites.

Hence successful affiliate marketers are always looking at ways they can get reciprocal links to their sites. Other ways to get related websites linking back to your include

  • Writing and submitting articles online: This allows you to include a link to your website via your own resource box.
  • Contributing blogs as a guest blogger
  • Posting on forums and more. For more ideas on generating traffic, check out

These are the three tools most six-figure affiliates online have. With just these three tools, many of them have been able to create a ‘freedom-lifestyle’, that is they are able to break away from the 9-to-5 grind within just a few months online. Thus it is not difficult to become a high rolling affiliate online, you just need the right tools and strategies.

To know the key critical ingredient that will make or break your online business,go to

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