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10 Lessons I Learn from a Successful Entrepreneur of a Listed Company

Posted by Cindy on December 21, 2012 at 2:12 am


This December, I had a little down time from work and I have been reading quite a fair bit.

I chanced upon this book by Boyd Au, the executive chairman of Enzer, a listed company in Singapore.

In this book, he shares how he came from a humble background as a Salvation Army waif to become the chairman of listed Company Enzer.

What is really inspiring about Boyd was how he came from a working class background to eventually become a successful business man.

His mum was a cook and he never saw his dad. His step-father was a seaman.

When he was six years old, his mum left him at the Salvation Army as she has to work in Malaysia and only visited him twice. Once, to enrol him there and another time to bring him back at the age of twelve.

Boyd has a wealth of experience and he shares freely about his business experience as he hopes to empower peopleto become successful entrepreneurs. These are his top 10 tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Boyd’s 10 Tips to Be a Successful Entrepreneur.

  1. Have a vision

Boyd feels that in order to have a successful business, one must have a vision. His vision for Enzer came about as he desired quality hi-fi and entertainment systems that were of high quality, beautifully designed and affordable. When he was young, he wanted beautiful things but could not afford it, hence he wanted as man people as possible to be able to afford well-designed products. His new company’s vision is to ‘transform lives through entrepreneurship’.



  1. Focus

He feels that this is paramount

as everyone has limited time in a day. In order to be the best, one must focus and not be distracted.

  1. Network

You have to network consistently. He shares how he found his sales manager through a casual conversation with a passenger sitting beside him on a plane. He believes you have to be ‘sincere in giving back’ and not just to gain.

  1. Believe in yourself

Belief in yourself is important. I share the same belief as well. I remember one occasion when I was called by a government agency to have a meeting with them as they had intended to have the company that I was working for listed as one of the partners. During that meeting, the high ranking officer kept running my company down and I had no idea what hit us. I am glad to say that because of the belief in my company and the things that we were doing then, that I now have business partners in other parts of the world who are willing to partner and work with us.

  1. Add value to others

Boyd believes that if you have products that can add value to people lives such as the computer and iPhone, you should not be shy about it and instead work hard in introducing it to the market.

  1. Diligence

This is self explanatory. Thomas Edison used to say the success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

  1. Sow and reap

Boyd believes that the blessed should contribute back to society if they are in the capacity to do so. They can contribute time, money and resources to help others. He now spends his time contributing to his church activities and helping other entrepreneurs build more successful businesses and transform their lives. He is a philanthropist who contributes to charities as well.

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  1. Build trust and relationships

Boyd remembers there were occasions when the deliveries were late and he sent his staff to personally wait for the components to be delivered and straight away sent them to his customers so that they can fulfil their promised delivery date. He gained the trust and relationship of his customers. There were occasions in my company that we were late due to supplier’s late shipment but we paid extra and sent them immediately to our customers, some as early as 7 am in the morning when they opened.

  1. Execution

In the words of Robert Ringer, “Nothing happens until something moves”. Execution and taking action is key to success.


  1. Develop and improve through continuous learning.

Boyd is someone who never stops learning. Even after selling off his business, he did not retire. In fact, he spent more time developing from success to significance towards building something that will leave a legacy. Recently, he enrolled in an Internet marketing course and even continues to learn new things.


With 2013 just another ten days away, I hope all these 10 tips can inspire you as you scale greater heights in your online business in 2013.

Wishing you and your family and Merry Christmas and a fruitful year ahead.

Oh yes, Boyd Au’s book is the Number 1 Bestselling book in Singapore. You can purchase a copy of his book “I Don’t Want To Be Poor.”


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