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A-Z Blog Challenge: Day 23:Writing From Home



I didn’t realised I had set this blog post many years ago about writing from home.

Working and having writing assignments and jobs from home has been a dream of many people for some time. With the current covid-19 situation, this desire has never been more prevalent.


This past 20 years have been challenging on both global and personal fronts for many.

in 2003, we experience the SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and in 2020, we were hit by covid-19.


However, I believe there is a silver lining behind every major catastrophe.

During the SARS period,

  • Real estate prices were depressed and this presented a buying opportunity for many.  A friend of mine bought an undervalued 1000-square foot apartment in the suburbs for  half the original price and now the price of that piece of real estate has quadrupled.
  • Real estate agents were doing brisk business despite the SARS period too.
  • With SARS, stock prices were depressed and this has allowed many to buy undervalued quality stocks at less than their intrinsic values.
  • SARS also allowed us to be more aware of personal hygiene, especially our interaction with others.
  • That period has allowed one time for introspection too as many activities have been closed or slowed down.

With all these major catrophies, we can only realized the benefits of them from hind-sight.

But if you are looking for writing jobs online, one legitimate source that I know of is the

Problogger Job Board. 

Or if you prefer to make money writing short pieces, there is a programme that allow you to write post on Twitter and other social media platforms and make money from them . Click here for more

Or refer to this blog for legitimate gigs to earn from writing online

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Mar 21, 2020

Why I stopped blogging and…




Why I Stopped Blogging and Why I will start again

One of the reasons I stopped blogging is because I find that updating my blog takes too much time and gets in the way of my travels and product development.

It is tedious to create a product while on the go and at the same time continue blogging.

I am now in the midst of creating a new product that will benefit people who are new to online business and would like to get started.

I have studied what other gurus are doing and gave serious thoughts as to why a lot of people fail to get started online.

Some of the key stumbling blocks they face is

# No website,don’t know how to create a website

#No knowledge of how to create a sales funnel

# How to create a squeeze page

# How to register a domain name

#How to get web hosting

#How to get more people to visit my website and buy from me.

#Spending money but not getting the results

etc etc etc…

These are some of the most common reasons why people give up starting and continuing their web business online.

So in my upcoming product, I am going to

  • Give you templates to create your own landing page
  • Show you videos on how to get web hosting and register a domain name of your choice
  • Show you how to create your own squeeze page or landing page in 7 steps.
  • Give you a product that you can give away to attract subscribers and build a relationship with your visitors.
  • How to set up a sales funnel.

This is my first big product that I am going to launch after my first product that chronicles the successful path taken by successful bloggers. You can still check it out here. Blog Millionaires. I’m extending this offer for the next 7 days only before the price goes up!

Let me know the types of bonuses you prefer when you purchase  copy of my latest product on

My First Online Business that will be ready before

Thanksgiving, giving you sufficient time to earn some cash for that Christmas shopping.

  1. Give you a domain name and web hosting
  2. Set up a landing page for you, complete with a freebie to attract and build relationships with your visitors.
  3. Set up the whole sales funnel for you including a website, squeeze page, domain name and web hosting.
  4. Provide you with 10 ready-made business that you can use to instantly start your own online business.

Comment on your choice below, Option 1, 2, 3 or 4 in the comments page below and I will giveaway a copy to one lucky winner. Also let me know why you deserve a copy of the My First Online Business.

Contest ends on 20 October 2013.

My First Internet Business

My First Internet Business

Why I Will Start Blogging Again

After consulting with my mentor, I will start blogging again for

  1. Create value and at the same time help others succeed online.
  2. Share my current progress on product development with my readers and refine my ideas while building a product they need.
  3. Interact with my readers.I am inspired by the comments you leave me especially those on how you have gained profitably from this blog.

Remember to leave your comments in the post below for a chance to win my latest product, soon to be released.










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Oct 3, 2013

Ways to Make $100 A Day Online


Hi, I have received many valuable comments via my blog and emails

and the top most questions from most of you is

“How to Make $100 Per Day Online”


Well there are several ways you can achieve that and I will list some of the ways here




Earning from freelancing income is one of the fastest ways to earn an income online. in addition, it does not require much upfront capital besides the skills you already have. Except perhaps some time or effort spent in marketing your services on various classified ads,Facebook ads and getting the word out to friends.

Areas that you can start as a freelancer include

  • Writing. Either as a content writer for websites, print publications or copy writing for businesses.
  • Software development , especially custom software development for small businesses to help them improve their processes and increase productivity.
  • Cleaning businesses for offices and homes.
  • Running errands for others and more…


Consulting is another area you can start from to earn an income online if you have specialized skills that businesses or individuals are looking for. I have a friend who specializes in helping business gain more mileage out of their leads by redefining their marketing funnel.

So this is a good area that has potential to grow exponentially if you are good at what you do.

3Adsense Income

Another way to earn passive income is to set up a content-rich website offering quality content to readers and subscribers which earning from the advertising income. This is one of my favorite models.However one of the reasons most people get stuck on this step is the lack of skills in setting up a website. However you do not have to fret, here ‘s something interesting that I found online that can help you earn $187.46 online.

You can download it here while during its pre-release phase at no cost.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Download your $187.46 ‘cheatsheets‘ now

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May 9, 2013

How to FINALLY Live the “Four Hour Work Week” Online




Most people who start an online business or a side business because they want time and location freedom

and most importantly, they were tired of working for “the man”.


They have been enticed by images of the ideal laptop lifestyle where they can be working at the beach at hours

that are determined by them.

They are also attracted by the ability to be able to

  • Work whenever
  • With Whoever they like
  • No schedule to keep.

However, if you have been online for a length of time, you know that reality is often further from the truth.

In fact, that’s what your day may look like

  1. Commute to work at 8 am
  2. Reach office and start work from 9am to 12noon
  3. Brown bag lunch at work so you can work on your blog, or website or traffic generation methods
  4. Work again from 1 to 6pm
  5. Commute back home
  6. Dinner and time with the kids
  7. Kids off to bed at 10pm and you start working on your online

business for another 2-4 hours.

By the time, you really get to your online business, at night, you will

be so tired that you cannot sustain your focus and attention to the

task for long. If this drags on for another 3 months and you earn

a paltry sum or worse, NOthing at all, this is the time you are going to give up.

However, there really is a better way out but you really need to get things in the right sequence. Get this wrong and you will be forever spinning your wheels.

This is a product that is created by my friend who has been in the same situation as you before. I have requested a free copy to you all

for a limited time only.Freedom Blueprints.

Download your copy here



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May 9, 2013

Learning from Successful Affiliates


L earning from Successful Affiliates

I heard this quote from someone recently and I think it applies to this situation as well.
“The stupid never learn from their mistakes, smart people learn from their own mistakes and the truly wise learn from the mistakes of others.”
In order to become a successful affiliate, you need to be able to learn from others who are more successful than you.
Learn what they are doing online that is bringing in the money.
Visit their website and see what they are displaying on their main web page. Get on their mailing list if they have one. Observe the types of products or services that they promote and how they promote it.
Learn from their best practices and innovate some of your own so that you can eventually be able to emerge as one of the top from your niche as well.

About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here

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Apr 15, 2013