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Know Your Strengths and Turn Them Into Your Winning Strategy Online


small fishing village

In another 24 hours times, Singapore celebrates her 47th Independence Day!

Yes, Singapore celebrates our National Day tomorrow on 9th August 2012.


During this time of the year, I am always  filled with awe

at the pace Singapore has grown.


We started as a small fishing village and in less than 40 years,

we have transformed from “Third World to First”, this was quoted in a previous interview with our

Former Mnister Mentor-Lee Kuan Yew.


As a nation, we understood our constraints.

We worked hard to develop our advantages to compensate for what we lacked.


We can also learn from the experience of our nation building in our journey to build a business online.


Know what are your strengths and weaknesses and you can use that to your advantage.

  •  If you are a good writer, you can begin by writing articles for others or
  •  Use articles to drive traffic to your website. This is how I started. I started by driving traffic to my website using just article marketing. This was because I was on a really tight budget and I did not know about other forms of traffic generation until I found this ‘traffic explosion club’.
  • If you are good with the technical side of things, you can partner with someone who is a traffic expert and split the profits among yourselves.

So play to your strengths and let that be your advantage in building an online business.

Happy holidays for those who are staying in Singapore.

For those who are reading this blog post and you are serious about starting a successful online business,

I have found a programme that teaches you about building an online business from someone who  is

my neighbour and stays in Malaysia.

He makes a cool $12,000 while on vacation and he operates with just his laptop and Internet connection.

Check out his video tutorials here

==> Work From No Home


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Aug 8, 2012

The Best $17.76 I have Ever Made




This blog post is long overdue. I made my first $17.76 online
about three months back in February.

I woke up one day and logged into my email account as usual
only to get a surprise message that says

Clickbank Notifications:”You’ve Got a Sale”

first sale made

My First $17.76 online


Although the amount was small,  it was still a pleasant surprise.

The best thing about online income is it is PASSIVE INCOME!.

I love passive income. It is income that comes in without one’s active involvement.

You can be out shopping, dinning or spending time with your family and have the money come in automatically.

Here are the steps I took to earn my first stream of passive income online.

#1: Decide on a product or service you want to promote.
It is best to have used the product or service before so you can
best review it and determine the appropriate product for
a particular group of audience.

  • For instance, you may want to promote a step-by-step DIY type of website building software for newbies.

Newbies are often stumped at building a business online because they don’t know how to build a website,

how to drive more  visitors to their website.

  • Some of them are looking for a way to build and maintain a website so that they can concentrate on building their business.

Thus this type of product will do well for newbies who are just starting online.
You wouldn’t for instance promote this type of product to established web business owners who have a large team

of employees and outsourcers who can work on their projects.

#2: Once you have established your target audience, find ways to reach them.
If you are tragetting newbies online, you can start by advertising on

  • newsletters for beginners.
  • community newspapers
  • using pay-per-click
  • writing articles sharing basic web building tips for newbies.
  • Forums

If you are advertising on forums,you have to be helpful first.
Do not jump immediately to promoting your product. Find out which threads
have people who face the issues your product can solve. Help them first before you
propose your solution. On online forums, you have to earn the ‘right’ to promote first.

#3: Drive more traffic to your website.

You have to learn how to drive more visitors or traffic to your website.
If you own a retail outlet, you would want to have more vistors to your store.
The same goes for an online business. The more visitors you have,the higher the chance of you converting
your visitors to customers.

There are many ways to drive visitors to your website such as

  • Writing informative articles with a link to your website.
  • Advertising online
  • Doing a guest post on related blogs that have a high PR rank.
  • These are some of the ways. To learn more, click here.

#4: Rinse and repeat.

Many people gain the inital euphoria of obtsaining their first sale
and forget to do the things which earned them their first sale.
They also forget about their customers and no longer bother to write to them.
Their email frequency gets lesser and lesser and they share less information.

There is also one final tip.
Get a mentor. It is difficult to succeed online if you do not have a mentor
or someone to guide you and hold you accountable for things you have to do in order to succeed.
Last but not the least, these are the few people whom I will credit for helping me earn my first dollar online.
They are Jaz Lai, Deagan Smith and article marketing King-Sean Mize.

Check out Daegan Smith’s online traffic revolution from the King of Never calling a single lead!

To your success and more passive income




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May 10, 2012

How to turn an angry customer into a raving fan! & Reader Survey


Last weekend, I ran into a situation in my work. One customer complained that the printing for one document was not done right.

I tried to explain to her that the damage could have been done during the delivery of the document, but she only started screaming at me.(Not a good situation to be caught in.)

So took photos of it and tried to send them to me via a short message. Alas, my phone was the old type of phone with limited memory space and could hardly make out the pictures.

Thus, I agreed to meet her at 7.a.m at her place tosee the damage and what we could do about it.

I believe she didn’t expect me to show up at her place on a Sunday morning.Thus she softened her approach. Upon inspection, yes the document was indeed damaaged during the transit.I replace her document and gave her two other new copies. She was so glad that she volunteered to give me a lift to my next destination.

Through this experience, this is what I feel must be done to turn a negative situation around and win a raving fan!

  •  Never argue with a customer over the phone. It only exacerbates the situation.
  •  Be proactive and volunteer to reactify the situation at your cost.
  • Pay your customer a personal visit. If possible, yes even on a Sunday morning if he/she is staying in the same geographical location.
  • The last point cannot be overemphasized. Paying people a personal visit to try and fix the situation tells them that you are sincere in wanting to make things right.
  • If you have a customers who gives you feedback, whether positive or negative, it can help you improve your business and processes.

This is what I learned from the experience.
# Make sure I have bubble wrap to protect the product during transit.
# Make sure that I include tracing paper between the pages tomake sure the ink on the pages does not run and become damage due to high heat or pressure during the postage.
# Factor in extra buffer for damages.
# Improve my delivery and fulfillment process.

An angry customers just has expectations that were not fulfilled. Try your best to fulfill their needs and you have a raving fan!

If you are the type who donot wish to deal face-to-face with a customer, the best is to set up a lifestyle business. Some of the best gurus out there for this are

Scott from Remote Entrepreneur

Jaz Lai from Inbox Cash Blueprint

Reader Survey
I need some help on blog ideas.
Tell me what you like to read more about.
If your topic is chosen as next week’s blog post,
I will send you an eBook on “How to Get Started on Your Online Business in 48 Hours”

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Apr 25, 2012

Traffic – Strategies Used by Best Traffic Generating Websites


Many people are interested to make an extra stream of income online.

Most approach this by setting up a website promoting their product or service.

However this is only part of the equation. The other part of the equation htat makes people successful in creating money online lies in …..

If you are curious to find out the next part of the equation that makes everything gel, read on below…

The best traffic generating websites generally never fail to follow the fundamental rules of any successful web marketing campaign.

They maximize the visibility of their websites by optimizing the various modes of communication on the internet. It might be through their articles or postings in forums or writing SEO friendly content.

Regular as well as constant monitoring is done and the strategies are consistently followed to ensure a high degree of success. Increasing the traffic consists of retaining the existent traffic as well as adding new visitors to your traffic base. Only then can a business maximize its profit.

They submit their articles regularly to the various directories which are existent on the internet. They are informative; provide inner tricks of the trade and the readers feel that some value addition has been achieved by reading the content. Then people naturally click on the URL for the specific website in order to know more or out of curiosity.

The best traffic generating websites also pursue the PPC campaigns diligently. The keywords are well researched and that which the internet surfers are mostly like to type in a search box. The most popular keywords are obviously more costly than the general keywords.

Submission of press releases is another important tactic which the best traffic generating websites employ. Using keyword rich content on the web pages is another characteristic feature of these websites and they can be easily crawled over by the search engine spiders.

The titles as well as the description of the webpage also need to have sufficient presence of keywords. Presence of sufficient internal and also external links is another conspicuous feature.

These websites have all been submitted to the popular search engines which is a free service. These strategies can easily be followed by anyone wanting to increase the traffic to his/her own website.

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