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Three things I Learned from Warren Buffett


Here’s a latest post by Bill Gates, yes the former founder of Microsoft and

Co-chair of the  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

He shares 3 things he learned from Warren Buffett and I think it applies to

I.M business as well.

His first point in investing is to find an economic moat in business.

Similarly, in an online business, what is the economic moat you

can build to  differentiate you from the others.

ForMyFirstMagicButton, our moat is to  provide quality content that

can help solopreneurs and those just getting started online

to build their own business.

We will have a membership site started and that is in the pipeline

so we can have one place where newbies and other solopreneurs

can gain access to quality content at one place.

While you think about your economic moat, here’s some inspiration from the

World’s Second Richest Billionare-Bill Gates


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Jun 14, 2013

To succeed, you need to be ProActive


To Succeed in Online Marketing or any other area, you’ve got to be Proactive.


In another 48 hours, I will be leaving Hong Kong and going back home to Singapore.

Well, Hong Kong is a truly inspiring city for me. The people are hard working, they work long and hard and of course very tourist friendly as most shops open till late and some are open for 24 hours.

There was a particular incident that stuck me and I felt I needed to share with you here.

“To succeed, you’ve got to be proactive!”

I was enjoying my dinner at Stanley one weekday evening. There weren’t many people there that night due to the races.Yes, Wednesday is Race day in Hong Kong and most people would be at the races.

This old man was an employees of one of the restaurants, he is one of the most proactive person when it comes to soliciting for business for his restaurant.

Here’s a picture of him working, you see him promoting his business in a very pro active manner. He approaches almost everyone who passes him and tries to get them into his restaurant.

2013-06-05 19.21.52


This is the kind of action, you need to take if you ever want to succeed in your online business.

You need to think of ways to reach out to your customers, to reach out to them and let the, know of the solutions you have that can help them. Let your content be their solutions.

Its time to succeed online instead of fiddling around. Be proactive.

We were there for a couple of hours, the dinner was great and great value as it comes with wine, beer or other beverage all for only US$22 with a salad, main course and wine.So, the next time you are in Stanley, Hong Kong, be sure to check out this place.

Because he was so upbeat and proactive, we were secretly ‘rooting’ for him and happy each time, he filled a table.

Rooting for you 

Check out the above link and that’s how I brought my business to the next level by fixing the ‘missing link’.

Rooting for you 


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Jun 7, 2013

Your Blueprints for Success


I realized that after participating in the A-Z Blog Challenge,

I am beginning to like writing and updating my blog.

I certainly hope this enthusiasm can continue.

Today being Sunday and the start of another week, I like to talk

about creating a blueprint for success online.


Most people start online and ‘jump’ into this field after

having attended a couple or courses on marketing online

or starting a business from home online. However, most of them lack a blueprint to succeed and end up losing invaluable time.

Without a plan, they will

  • procrastinate when updating their blogs
  • Procrastinate when they have to set up their squeeze pages
  • Waste time thinking of what to do next
  • Information overload.

Here’s how to create a simple blueprint

  1. List down all the tasks that have to be completed.
  2. Rank them according to which should come first
  3. Break the task into small tasks and plan a time to
  4. complete them daily. This will build consistency into your plan.
  5. For more ideas and tips on building an online blueprint check out the following eBook .


I have made a special request for them to provide a prelaunch copy to my readers.

To your success



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May 12, 2013

They say the money is in the Lxxx NOT!


If I were give a dollar every time this phrase is repeated

“The Money is in the List”,


I would be a millionaire many times over.



The Money is in the list is only a half -truth.

What most gurus fail to tell you is

1How to create the list is you are starting out


You see, if the money is in the list, then the first step would be to create a list of subscribers.

Most gurus fail to tell you how to create a list except for this individual-(you can read more about him here


He shares freely on his blog ways to make money online by first creating a list.

Here are some of the ways here recommends creating a list of loyal subscribers

  • Create and posting useful articles online
  • Creating and posting useful videos on how to do something online related to your niche.
  • How to advertise effectively online. Get results instead of bills.
  • Starting a blog to effectively share your expertise.
  • For more ideas on generating traffic online, check out my blog post here.



2 How to convert your list into buyers.

Once you have the list of buyers, you need to be able to convert them into buyers of your products.

This is usually the missing link that gurus do not tell you about. The way to convert your subscribers into buyers of your products is to be able to build trust.

If you can provide substantial value to your subscribers online and through the content that you share,

they will come to trust your expertise.

However if you provide ‘crap’ online, you can easily lose that trust. Always provide genuine value and the product will sell itself later.

Of course, one of the ways to get a list of subscribers is to be able to get lots of traffic to your website.

Not just traffic but qualified traffic and people who are interested in what you have to offer.

And the way to do it without spending a dime on advertising is what I recently discovered here by by friend Brendan.

He shared a completely logical traffic loophole that I overlooked.

You can click here to get it and use it for yourself today at no charge

==>First Page Ranking Secrets




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May 4, 2013

To Succeed, You Need to Control Your Time


This is the one thing you nee to control if you want to succeed online

And that is clock


Are you controlling your time?

How well do you control your time?

You see the extent in which you can control your  time determines your success

whether online or offline.


The most successful people in the world are able to control the

use of their time.

They see their time as an investment.

Whether each hour is an asset to you or a liability,

is determined by how you use the hour that is present and the hour that you are going to invest.

First decide how you are spending your time.

Do you twitter away your time, spending time online on Facebook,

checking your emails and your stats constantly online?


Well, each of us only has 10, 20  or 30 hours a week to invest in their online business.

How you invest that 10- 3o hours a week determines your success online.

Today is the 2nd day of May and the beginning of summer.

Now’s the best time to invest in your online business.

To your success



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May 2, 2013