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A-Z Blog Challenge: Day 23:Writing From Home



I didn’t realised I had set this blog post many years ago about writing from home.

Working and having writing assignments and jobs from home has been a dream of many people for some time. With the current covid-19 situation, this desire has never been more prevalent.


This past 20 years have been challenging on both global and personal fronts for many.

in 2003, we experience the SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and in 2020, we were hit by covid-19.


However, I believe there is a silver lining behind every major catastrophe.

During the SARS period,

  • Real estate prices were depressed and this presented a buying opportunity for many.  A friend of mine bought an undervalued 1000-square foot apartment in the suburbs for  half the original price and now the price of that piece of real estate has quadrupled.
  • Real estate agents were doing brisk business despite the SARS period too.
  • With SARS, stock prices were depressed and this has allowed many to buy undervalued quality stocks at less than their intrinsic values.
  • SARS also allowed us to be more aware of personal hygiene, especially our interaction with others.
  • That period has allowed one time for introspection too as many activities have been closed or slowed down.

With all these major catrophies, we can only realized the benefits of them from hind-sight.

But if you are looking for writing jobs online, one legitimate source that I know of is the

Problogger Job Board. 

Or if you prefer to make money writing short pieces, there is a programme that allow you to write post on Twitter and other social media platforms and make money from them . Click here for more

Or refer to this blog for legitimate gigs to earn from writing online

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Mar 21, 2020

A-Z Blog Challenge: Day 7 :How To Make $1,000 Online


HordesofMoneyWe have come to A-Z Challenge Day 7

In today’s blog post, I want to share about something that has been on my mind for some time.


I’m sre most of you have ever thought about making $1,000 online. If you have no means to make $1,000 online, how do you scale it up to $5,000 or even $10,000 and more so that you will eventually be able to replace your income.

I have given this issue a lot of thought and did some research on this. Here’s an effective way to make $1,000 Online.I am assuming you have already chosen your niche.


Choose 3-5 affiliate products. They can range form eBooks to software. The best is to choose a chain of products. For instance, if you are promoting a software to help people build a website, you can start with

  • A software for building websites.
  • CD containing graphics for the software.
  • Membership to a shopping cart for people who want to start their own e-store
  • Ebooks on how to sell more online
  • Ebooks on how to build a subscriber list
  • Ebooks on how to generate content

so on and so forth. The best is to build a group of products your subscribers will need in their journey to build a sustainable online business so they do not have to do the trial-and-error themselves.


Start Promoting To Your List

  • Start promoting the products to your list but do not user hard-sell. The first step is to give them quality content and build the relationship.
  • Say you have 1000 subscribers, and they buy a $30-$50 product.
  • If 10 people from your list buy a $30 product, you will have $300.
  • Upsell your customers a related product that cost $50 and if 3 of them buy from you, you will be able to gain $150.
  • Continue to send out a second email related to the first product and if you have another 10 buying from you, you will net $300 and do another upsell.
  • So to add it all up, if you do this twice, you will be able to net $300+$150+$300+$150 = $900. In order to gain another $100 online, you can promote another related product that cost $50 to your list of buyers. Say out of 20 buyers, 2 purchase from you, you would have net $100.
  • Here how to achieve the $1000 online

Product A: $30 x 10=$300+ upsell : $50 x 3= $150

Product B: $300 x 10 =$300+upsell: $50 x 3=$150

Product C to buyers: $50 x 2 = $100


Info-product strategy

If you have info-products that you can sell online. Here’s how you can apply the same strategy

  • Give away a sample of your writing to related blogs and article directories.
  • Write to newsletter editors and allow them to share the sample eBook with their subscribers with a link pointing back to your website.
  • Promote to your list.
  • For instance, if you have a list of 1000 subscribers and your ebook cost $27.00. If 30 people buy from you, you will have $810.00. Coupled with the sales from other sites such as article directories, search engines and newsletter editors, say you have another 10 people buying from you, you will have a total of $1080.00.
  • You can further increase your earnings by selling ad space in your eBook for $25-$50. For instance, if your eBook is a book teaching people about scrapbooking, you can point them to related sources that sell specialty paper. You can get the suppliers to advertise in your eBook and their ad will stay there as long as your ebook is in production. Or you can sell ad space in the first edition and charge again for the ad in your updated edition. In this way, if you are able to get 3-5 ads, you can net another couple of hundred dollars online.
  • If you are keen to pursue this strategy and don’t know how to create your own info-product, you can check out more information on how to create products fast . Fast Product Creator
  • If you are good at writing, here’s how to turn them into an info-product quickly



Rinse and repeat


  • Rinse and repeat this strategy for both the affiliate marketing and your own info-product and you will be able to gain $1,000 per month online.

Thus planning your affiliate marketing business is the first step towards making your first $1,000 online. I will be sharing more about this topic in my upcoming eBook on Online Business Planning that will be published in May 2013.

In tomorrow’s A-Z Blog Challenge, I will be sharing on

“If I had to start all over again…”


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Apr 9, 2013

Day 4: A-Z Blog Challenge: Define Your Niche Market



In yesterday’s post, we discussed about carving out your own niche. If you have missed it, you can still read about this important topic here.

Day 3: Carve Out Your Niche Market.

In today’s Day 4 of the Blogging Challenge, we are going to go further into niche selection to defining your own niche market further.


Decision 1: Broad vs Narrow markets

Hope you have already brainstormed and narrow down a few categories that you want to focus on in your affiliate marketing. For instance, there are people who want to focus on the health niche.

The health niche is a broad category and which can be further narrowed down into






Under each of these narrow niches, you further niche into the specific groups of people you want to focus on. For instance building muscles after an injury or muscle-building for rugby players etc.

The bottom line is to be able to find a core group of people you can easily reach and provide solutions to their problems.


Decision 2: Factors for a Good Narrow Market

There are many factors that makes for a good narrow market and some of them are

#Easy to reach core group of customers

#Your Ability to build a community amongst the core group

#Sufficient demand

#Able to generate traffic to your websites easily and profitably.


Decision 3: Defining your Top 3 Niches

This is the stage in which you will be paring down your list from yesterday to focus on 3 niches.

In tomorrow’s post, we will share with you tools on estimating demand for your niche.

So have your 3 niche topic ready.

See you tomorrow.

About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here

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Apr 4, 2013

Day 3: A-Z Blogging Challenge:Carve Out Your Own Niche in Affiliate Marketing


Carve Out Your Own Niche in Affiliate Marketing







“Do I choose the dating niche or the health niche?”

This is a question I am asked often by my subscribers in my e-zine.


They have clearly understood the importance of niche marketing

in my daily writings.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you cannot be all things to all people.

You need something to help you stand out.

Out standing

Here’s a personal example, I like to travel and source out value deals that is luxury vacations at a fraction of the price.

However, this niche is competitive and there are many big players out there.

What I focused on when it comes to marketing this niche is to focus on seniors and members of the AARP and tailor my marketing towards this group. I will do joint-venture deals with newsletter editors that cater to the Silver market. So instead of being a small fish in a big pond, I dominate this niche by finding a smaller pond and becoming a ‘big fish’. That is by becoming known in my niche for this specialisation I further niche it down to cruise vacations for seniors complete with tailor-made tours to places of their destinations.

Now what is Niche marketing?

What is Niche Marketing?

Niche marketing refers to tailoring your marketing to a small population that has a specific problem, need or special interest.

So instead of focussing on large populations of people, you laser-focus on a group that shares common characteristics.

By specializing, you will not easily be crushed by big marketers with big budgets to spend on advertising and marketing. What you are doing is to try and build a reputation as a recognized expert in a narrow and tightly focussed market.

Your aim in niche marketing is to be totally immersed in the market. You need to know the major events happening; the problems faced by the people in this market, their interest, needs and wants.

This will eventually allow you to be open to ‘opportunities’ that are not available to the person who is not immersed in your niche.

Take this 30-Day A-Z Blogging Challenge on Affiliate Marketing for example.

I know that there is simply too much information on this topic online and my aim is

to help someone who is just getting started in affiliate marketing, a step-by-step blueprint to get started in the next 30-days.

This is a niche I believe very few people are in as newbie’s need a lot of ‘hand-holding’ at the beginning.

So the next question on your mind may be “So …

How to Find the Right Niche?

There are Four Steps I recommend people start with to find their niche

Step 1: Brainstorm

This is a ‘brain-dump’. That is you list the topics that you are interested in without censoring anything.

Mind-mapping is one of the great ways to do this as it allows you to visualize the connections quite quickly. My favourite tool for this is  This is a free tool and does not have any affiliate links.

Step 2: Identify Your Interest and Passions

Next you narrow down the list of topic that you have created from Step 1 based on your interest and passions.

Try to narrow down to 10 topics based on your interests and passions.

You can also do an online keyword search using either Google Keyword Toolbar at

==> to find keywords or problems people have. you can also estimate demand by checking on the number of searches for that topic per month.

Another tool that is for more advanced marketers with all the analysis done is Fab Keyword research Pro.

This is a tool that is recommended by the top search marketers. You can find out more here.

(P.S: This contains my affiliate link. If you are not comfortable, you can always click here for the direct link)

I managed to convince my friend to give you a free keyword research tool that he has never released to before and I am giving it away only for readers of this blog as part of the 30-Day Challenge You can download it here. Keyword research tool.


Step 3: What Professional Skills Do you Possess?

You list down the professional skills you have in this step. For instance, if you are a teacher, you have professional skills in creating educational materials, communication skills and management skills as it is not easy to manage a group of ‘high-energy’ youngsters and get them to learn the things you are teaching. Or if you are a professional tele-marketer, you can also list that down as a skill.

Step 4: Is there something you want to learn?

Is there any topic in particular you like to learn this year? If there is a subject you are passionate about learning or show some keen interest in, you can list it down here as well.

Another way to narrow down your niche is to go after the ‘Big 3’ niches and niche down further from there.

The 3 Big Niches are

  • Wealth: This includes make-money-online niche, starting a home-based business niche etc etc.
  • Health: Weight -loss, muscle building and detoxification are all great niches.
  • Relationships: Online dating is a great niche that is now getting very competitive. Other niches you can explore include “How to get back your ex” etc etc etc.

By focusing on the Big 3, you can further niche down from here to target for instance “Weight-loss for post pregnancy”.

Why are they great niches? These 3 are related to the most basic and fundamental human emotions.

Use these steps to identify the affiliate niche you want to be in and stay-tuned for tomorrow’s blog post on

Defining Niche Selection in Day 4 of the A-Z Blog Challenge.


About the A-Z Blog Challenge.

About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here

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Apr 3, 2013

A-Z Blog Challenge: Day 2: Budgeting for Success





In today’s post as a follow-up to the A-Z Challenge on 30-Days to a Better Affiliate Business,

I want to share with you an oft-overlook aspect of affiliate marketing business.


Most newbies who start out online forget about budgeting.

An affiliate marketing business is just like any other business; you need to be able to track your expenses, profits and loss in order to be able to see what is working well and what is not.

A simple table that looks like this







Product A

Product B


Product C



Product D




Product E




can help you with tracking on what’s working and what’s not.


With this table you can track

  • Paid traffic sources that work
  • Your return on investment in terms of paid traffic sources
  • Amount spent on tools and info products or memberships to sources in your affiliate business
  • Profit and loss  for individual products


With this simple table, you will be able to track the affiliate product that gives you the most sales and profits and increase your marketing campaigns for them. This allows you to know which campaigns are not working well and what to drop.

In addition, it helps you save money when it comes to buying paid traffic. You will know which source brings you the most traffic and which are the ones which do not make the cut.

This topic is really the most overlooked topic in affiliate marketing.

I remember when I started my first affiliate business; I was elated to have income coming in.

However when I calculated the amount I spent on tools and getting traffic at the end of the month,

I realized I made a loss in my first month and second month.

I only broke even in my investment after one year.

So this is a topic that I would like to discuss upfront and hopefully help you avoid the mistakes I have made.

Upcoming e-Book on Online Business Planning

I will be discussing more about budgeting and business planning in my upcoming e-Book on business planning.

Yes to succeed online, you do need a plan whether it is an elaborate plan of 50+ pages or a simple plan written on the back of a napkin. With a plan, you can work a lot faster and reach your goals earlier.

It’s also a valuable feedback tool that helps you plan out future affiliate campaigns.

Coming Up on Day 3: Carve Out Your Own Niche in Affiliate Marketing

Coming up tomorrow, we will be showing you how to carve out your niche through affiliate marketing business.

What I will be sharing tomorrow is an important topic that will separate you from the

serious affiliates who want to earn consistent income online from the ‘wannabes’ who just earn ‘hobby’ income.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post.

About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here


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Apr 2, 2013