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A-Z Blg Challenge: Day 19: Success is ….











In today’s post, I like to talk about success in the online business.

When you are starting out, success may be writing that article, first blog post or making the first sale online.

Once you have gotten started, you redefine success in another way.

For many online marketers, success is being able to replace their current salary so that they can

stay home and be with their family or go on vacations without having to apply for leave from the



So what is your definition of success when it comes to an online business?

Perhaps you can share with out readers here by commenting on this post below.

About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here

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Apr 23, 2013

A-Z Blog Challenge: Day 19:Residual Income Ideas you can start this weekend.



Here’s a blog post that I wanted to share with you as some of your write back to say you need to get some cash flow coming in before you start and implement your own online business.
Instead of giving you homemade income ideas, I thought I will up the ante and give you a few ideas you can start this weekend that will bring in residual income that you can start from home with little to low -cost.

1 Start a home or office cleaning business on the side
What : You can start a home based cleaning company for homes or offices around your neighbourhood
What you need: Basic cleaning supplies, phone or Skype and a telephone list.
Where to get customers:
You can begin getting customers by calling your neighbourhood and posting flyers advertising your services. The most effective way is to go door-to-door to solicit for business. You can start a home based cleaning company for homes around your area very quickly. Another way is to insert flyers or promote with ads in community newspapers around your neigh hood.
If you are trying to start a cleaning business that serves the offices around your neighbourhood, you can simply call the office and ask for the person who is in-charge of hiring contractors for this service.
The way to get residual income from this service is to sell long term contracts of three month contracts, six month contracts and even an annual contract.

2 Start a window/car washing business


What: You will be washing windows or cars for others.

What you need: cleaning equipment for windows and cleaning and waxing equipment for cars. If you are cleaning external windows for buildings, you might also need to invest in a Gondola.

Where to get customers: This is a fast business that you can get started quite quickly. You can locate business or homes in your areas and ask them if they need their windows washed. You can offer a special low-cost one time service of $20 for window washing. While you are there, you can also help them clean up other areas such as the window ledge or maybe take out the trash on your way out. Thereafter, you can negotiate for a long time contract and encourage them to purchase 3 or 6 time window washing service. The same applies for car washing but you can negotiate with auto dealers to refer clients to you in exchange for a referral fee. Alternatively, you can offer these packages to auto dealers who can offer this as a gift for their clients who purchased cars from them.

3 Sell insurance online
This is an effective residual income opportunity for those who have the necessary knowledge or who are inclined to learn about the insurance industry. Most people now search for insurance plans online and this is an opportunity for you to promote insurance online.


What you will need: Content, lots of relevant content that is beneficial to readers. Online calculators and a website for customers to contact you. The best insurance to sell online include travel insurance, auto insurance as these are often renewed on an annual basis and some insurance companies offer you a residual sum for every policy that is renewed. So the longer you stay in this industry, the easy works gets as you progress.

Where to get customers: You can get customers through online content or do joint ventures with related websites such as travel websites.

4 Start a membership site



What: Start a membership site around your expertise or hobby.

What you will need: Membership site software.
If you have a particular expertise in a certain area, you can put your expertise in the forms of an ebook, videos and audios and put it in a membership site that is available for purchase through a subscription. I have seen others create membership site sin online marketing. You can check out one in which I have subscribed to that teaches you how to attract traffic to your website online. Online Traffic Academy.
Other hobby websites that do well include membership sites with information on taxidermy, scrapbooking etc.
I you already have a blog, here’s a simple way to turn your blog into a membership sites with this plugin called Magic Members. In includes data on your members subscription status and monthly reports you can view from the simple dashboard.

Magic Members | Turns WordPress Into A Membership Site

Tomorrow is Sunday and a break from the A-Z Challenge. See you on Monday.

To download more ideas on weekend or part time business, you can click here for more


About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here


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Apr 19, 2013

A-Z Blog Challenge: Day 9 : Just Create a Simple Business Model


Extending from yesterday A-Z Challenge: Day 8 : What I would Do If I Had To Start All Over Again with 170 Dollars, today, I will be sharing with you an important lesson that I have learned in my online affiliate business.

Understanding and applying this lesson was responsible for scaling my online business a further 20 – 30 percent.

JJot Down A Simple Business Model


A business model simply put is how a business makes money.

So if you are starting an affiliate business, you need to know where you are making the money from.

For instance, I can have an affiliate business in the travel niche and my business model can look something like this

  • Affiliate sales from travel packages bought through web site
  • Travel related accessories sold on website
  • Affiliate sales from Amazon

So for a simple travel related site, you can have three or more revenue models that you can rely on to bring in the income.

I have known bloggers who start a blog on their area of interest but have no idea how to monetize them eventually. Let’s take the example of a food blog.

In order to monetize a food blog, you need quality content that is written in a unique angle.

In addition, here’s ways to monetize your blog

  • Affiliate sales from recipes books
  • Affiliate sales from grocery stores, particularly if you are selling Asian or ethnic food that is difficult to find.
  • Advertising from restaurants or travel agencies
  • Selling of weight -loss products

So from a simple blog, we can have 3 to 4 business models to bring in the income. For more ideas on how to monetize your blog or website, check out this eBook to bring in checks in your inbox.

In affiliate marketing business, it is easy to get caught up by promoting product after product if you do not have a plan. By jotting down a simple business plan, you can give yourself more options to make money online. To find out more ideas on how to create an online business plan, stay tuned for my upcoming book.


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About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here


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Apr 11, 2013

The Best Christmas Present I have Received for 2012


This is one of the best Christmas present I have received for 2012.


Yes I received my first Clickbank cheque this  19 December and it was just in time for Christmas.

I want  to thank my mentor Jaz Lai and his team for this.

My Goals for 2013

  • Release my first e-Book on affiliate marketing, detailing the lesson I have learnt in this  one year journey
  • Increase subscribers to my e-newsletter  to 3500and reach out to more people who wish to make an income online.
  • Receive a cheque from Clickbank once a month.

What are your goals for 2013?

Share them with us i the comments below.


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Jan 10, 2013

Who has got your vote?

Vote For ME

Vote Me

With so many countries starting with Egypt to the United States having their elections this year, we see many potential candidates stating their track records or pulling out the track records of other candidates and held them  accountable to the past promises they have promised the people.

Well, it is all interesting to watch all these political debates on TV and I certainly enjoyed them myself.

But at the end of the day,have you ever considered coming up with your own list of promises to yourself and holding yourself accountable for them?

See if potential candidates can list the things they will promise the people when they are elected, won’t it be more productive to also have your own list and vote for yourself.

Remember your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions?


Now’s the time to take them out and read them to renew your determination.

Starting today, make a list of the promises or goals you want to achieve for 2012 and make yourself accountable to your family.

Make 2012 your best year yet and Vote yourself in!

Here’s my top  goals for 2012

  1. Build up a community of like-minded people who are looking to build a long-term business online.
  2. Increase my subscriber base by another 3000 subscribers by the end of 2012.
  3. Start a series of online income generation experiments and share the results with my blog readers.
  4. Lose 5 pounds by September 2012 so I can look good at my cousin’s wedding this year.
  5. Create my first Info-product and create a successful product launch.
  6. Go for 2 vacations a year.
  7. Commit to updating my blog once a week.
  8. Start my first dividend investing portfolio.

What are your top goals that will make a difference to you and your family in 2012?

Share them with us.

==> If you are in need of a nifty goal to help you keep track of your progress, check out this awesome app.


Check out this video as a nifty reminder of the importance of you New Year’s Resolutions

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Mar 7, 2012