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A-Z Blog Challenge: Day 23:Writing From Home



I didn’t realised I had set this blog post many years ago about writing from home.

Working and having writing assignments and jobs from home has been a dream of many people for some time. With the current covid-19 situation, this desire has never been more prevalent.


This past 20 years have been challenging on both global and personal fronts for many.

in 2003, we experience the SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and in 2020, we were hit by covid-19.


However, I believe there is a silver lining behind every major catastrophe.

During the SARS period,

  • Real estate prices were depressed and this presented a buying opportunity for many.  A friend of mine bought an undervalued 1000-square foot apartment in the suburbs for  half the original price and now the price of that piece of real estate has quadrupled.
  • Real estate agents were doing brisk business despite the SARS period too.
  • With SARS, stock prices were depressed and this has allowed many to buy undervalued quality stocks at less than their intrinsic values.
  • SARS also allowed us to be more aware of personal hygiene, especially our interaction with others.
  • That period has allowed one time for introspection too as many activities have been closed or slowed down.

With all these major catrophies, we can only realized the benefits of them from hind-sight.

But if you are looking for writing jobs online, one legitimate source that I know of is the

Problogger Job Board. 

Or if you prefer to make money writing short pieces, there is a programme that allow you to write post on Twitter and other social media platforms and make money from them . Click here for more

Or refer to this blog for legitimate gigs to earn from writing online

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Mar 21, 2020

They say the money is in the Lxxx NOT!


If I were give a dollar every time this phrase is repeated

“The Money is in the List”,


I would be a millionaire many times over.



The Money is in the list is only a half -truth.

What most gurus fail to tell you is

1How to create the list is you are starting out


You see, if the money is in the list, then the first step would be to create a list of subscribers.

Most gurus fail to tell you how to create a list except for this individual-(you can read more about him here


He shares freely on his blog ways to make money online by first creating a list.

Here are some of the ways here recommends creating a list of loyal subscribers

  • Create and posting useful articles online
  • Creating and posting useful videos on how to do something online related to your niche.
  • How to advertise effectively online. Get results instead of bills.
  • Starting a blog to effectively share your expertise.
  • For more ideas on generating traffic online, check out my blog post here.



2 How to convert your list into buyers.

Once you have the list of buyers, you need to be able to convert them into buyers of your products.

This is usually the missing link that gurus do not tell you about. The way to convert your subscribers into buyers of your products is to be able to build trust.

If you can provide substantial value to your subscribers online and through the content that you share,

they will come to trust your expertise.

However if you provide ‘crap’ online, you can easily lose that trust. Always provide genuine value and the product will sell itself later.

Of course, one of the ways to get a list of subscribers is to be able to get lots of traffic to your website.

Not just traffic but qualified traffic and people who are interested in what you have to offer.

And the way to do it without spending a dime on advertising is what I recently discovered here by by friend Brendan.

He shared a completely logical traffic loophole that I overlooked.

You can click here to get it and use it for yourself today at no charge

==>First Page Ranking Secrets




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May 4, 2013

A-Z Blog Challenge: Day 26. Zoom in on the Summer



Well, I can’t believe it that 30 days has passed us by so quickly and we are at the last day of the A-Z Blog Challenge. In today’s blog post, I want to add a word about making your first sale this summer.

Summer is usually a season whereby most online marketers will face a ‘dip’ in their income as people are outdoors more often to enjoy the sun.

So if you continue to promote affiliate products such as info-products, you may find a ‘dip’ in your business unless it is a need this summer.

Info-products that may continue to do well include weight -loss such as ways to trim tummy fat as people want to look good in their swim suits or bikini.

Another area to boost your affiliate income may involve travel related affiliate products as most people are out and about this summer. Other products include

  • Seminars and courses
  • BBQs and equipment
  • travel accessories and RV travel information
  • Websites that depend on adsense revenue.

This post wraps up our A-Z Blog challenge for April and I have had a wonderful experience.

Although there are some lapses and delays on certain blog post during this period, but taking part in a challenge has motivated me to spruce up my blog on an almost daily basis and update it more regularly. I have also written 26 tips to becoming a better affiliate in this challenge.

If you would like to have a compilation of the all the 26 tips that were shared during this A-Z Blog challenge, do drop me an email with your name and the subject line” A-Z Blog Challenge EBook” to askcindysiow[at]

I will email it to you one I have it done up as an eBook.

About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here


Here’s an initial mock-up of the book cover for my upcoming eBookgive me some comments on this.


Just leave me some comments in the comment box below.


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May 1, 2013

A-Z Blog Challenge: Day 25:Yield versus activity





Many people give up on their online business after some time as they find that their yield is very low.


That is the amount of time and effort that they have put in does not justify the amount they earn from their online blog or website In fact, a job at Macdonald’s may pay more.


That’s one reason why you need to measure the yield versus the activity.


If you are writing more content but they are not converting well, you may need to tweak a few things such as your headlines or subject lines.


Or if you are buying a lot of ads online to promote your websites but are not getting any sales, you may need to relook at the sales pages of your affiliate products or squeeze page.


Like they always say, you cannot track what isn’t measured. So if you diligently track your online activities, you will always be able to find ways to create that next breakthrough in your online business.

About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here


I am  was talking about my  planning stages in creating an eBook on Online Business Planning and these are the initial chapters.

  • Importance of planning
  • Why plan
  • Planing your product/service
  • Resources

Here’s an initial mock-up of the book cover, give me some comments on this.


Just leave me some comments in the comment box below.





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May 1, 2013

A-Z Blog Challenge: Day 24: X-tra value for Your Clients




in a sea of affiliates, how do you stand out from the rest?

The most important thing that will differentiate you from the rest of the affiliates is to provide x-tra value for your clients and customers who purchased through your links.

For instance, if you are promoting an eBook, consider if you can provide additional content of your own for customers who purchased through your link. In my case, I promote affiliate products that I have personally used and reviewed. Then I will create additional eBooks, templates or worksheets for customers who have purchased the product through my affiliate link. By doing so, I like to provide extra value and help them get the most out of the products that they have purchased.

You can provide extra value for customers who purchases your link by

  • providing a service such as setting up a wordpress blog if they purchase an Ebook on setting up a blog
  • Consultation services
  • Templates
  • Ebooks
  • monthly memberships
  • PLR content
  • Squeeze pages etc etc etc.

As an example, for readers if this blog, if you purchase the following Building a WordPress  Website, I will also set up your wordpress blog for your on your hosting account. Just email me your receipt and URL and I will set up the blog for you at no charge. This offer is valid for a limited time only. For the first 10 people who take me up on this offer, I will also provide you with an eBook that can help you turn your website or blog into an online atm.


About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here



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May 1, 2013