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Use Design to increase your competitive edge as an affiliate marketer

Posted by Cindy on September 26, 2012 at 5:35 am

Top 5 reasons to Invest in a Good Design

Most people who get started with affiliate marketing online do not bother to invest in a good design.

An affiliate marketer who invest in a good quality design will increase his competitive edge in busines.

Apple has shown us through the iPod, iPhone and iPad that a good design goes a long way toward helping you gain greater market share. In fact, Apple has completely revolutionalized the music, publishing and media distribution with the invention of their products.

So now the spotlight has been on designers who can deliver quality designs that go beyond looking good to designs that can communicate the brand identity, brand value and stimulate conversations between the company and consumers.

Here are 5 more  reasons to invest in a good design

1.                   First Impressions Count

Image is everything our crowded marketplace. A good design can allow your product or service to stand out from your competitors. A product with a great design can claim majority of the market share amongst its competitors. For example, Creative, a Singapore based company that produced the soundcard that is installed in almost every computer came out with the mp3 with better features and storage. Yet Apple came out with a better design with intuitive interface for consumers and branded it as 1000 songs in your pocket that claim a landslide majority of the market share for mp3.

So first impressions count and make that a good impression by choosing a design that understands your brand image and can deliver your message with their designs.

2.                   Use Design as a Differentiators

You can use designs to differentiate your company from the rest of the competitors. If you have a design ‘meme’, that is a cultural icon that can communicate your brand’s image, the ‘meme’ can often be analogous to the service your company provides. For instance, we can always recognize the Michelin tire baby icon miles away.

3.                   Design as a Competitive advantage

A product with a good design can give you a competitive advantage in the market place.

The Samsung’s latest S3 smart phones can command higher prices in the market place as compared to smart phone in the same categories. With a slimmer, sleeker design, this gives the Samsung S3 a strong competitive advantage in the competitive smart phone market.

4.                   Creates an image of Exclusivity

A good design creates an image of exclusivity and luxury to your target audience. A good design can allow you to command a higher price which translates into higher margins for your product. For instance, in the cereal market, brands with good design such as the Post cereal can command higher prices compared to supermarket’s private labeled brands.

5.                   Increase market share

According to the Design Council UK, a study found that manufacturers who invest in design see positive outcomes that includes improved quality of goods, services and increased market share.  So investing in a good design goes a long way towards contributing to the bottom line of your company.

This is a topic that I seldom talk about as a good design is not easy to achieve. But I have seen blogs and web businesses that invest in design once they are successful and hence they do a lot better. Perhaps we can start investing in a good design first if a sustainable web business is our ultimate aim.

To your success,


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