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Posted by Cindy on September 4, 2012 at 10:22 pm

cracking the code


Many of us know that that in order to succeed in affiliate marketing,

we need to learn from successful affiliate marketers. But what is one to

do if you are on a limited budget and you are just starting out online.

And to add to that, the high cost of some of the quality products have

set such a higher barrier to many who do not have the budget to invest.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn affiliate marketing for no cost from some

of the best affiliate marketers without having to spend a dime?

When I started, I had limited funds as well. I spend most of my money

on traffic generation, setting up a website, hosting and domain names.

So my funds were really tight. However, I did not let this affect me.

Here are some of the steps I took to learn affiliate marketing at no cost.


Do research online

All the six and seven figure marketers online all started somewhere.

They have reached their stage now as they have put in the effort and

found something that works for them, then they began to scale what

works on a larger scale in order to reach their current status. So the

best ways to is to study what they have done when they have just started online.

How to find experts online

In order to learn from the experts in the online niche, we have to know who they are.

For instance, Deagan Smith is famous in the online network marketing niche

as the “King of Never Calling a Single Lead”. Jaz Lai, seven figure online marketers is

well-known as the email selling king. His emails coverts like “crazy”.


So the first step is to identify who the experts are. Here are some ways to find t hem.

  • Go to Here you can find out who is coming out with the latest big launch. These are often gurus who have been successful and are now selling what works for them as a product or info-product.
  • Visit and find the top selling products under the category in which you find your niche. Study and read the sales letters written by the top 5 bestselling products. Study their offers and how they structure them in order to get people to buy.
  • Do a search online for “your niche”+”expert” and see what comes up as the top ranking website. Visit the website of the top ranking keywords in your niche and see what has worked for them.
  • Many affiliate marketers have started with article marketing. They can find many ‘gems’ on what the top marketers did when they started online. You can do a search in the articles they have posted on ezinearticles. You can also do a search on other article directories to see the type of content they have posted.

Many affiliate marketers have also started on their path of video marketing,

product creation and joint venture marketing, ezine marketing so one and so forth.

Some of them have recorded it as either a podcast or webinar before they promoted

their products. You can do a search for their for webinars. The latest

place to look for content will be Udemy, though some of them have now started charging a fee for it.

Study their Blogs

Most of the top affiliate marketers have started their own blogs. One of the best blogs

out there on affiliate marketing is written by Pat Flynn.

You can learn his journey of making passive income online through many of the older

posts written by him. Study what they recommend at the beginning of their journey

and you can also try out some of the same strategies to see if it works for you. is also a blog where you can learn a lot about online marketing and

Jaz shares many of his strategies through his personal stories which make for a

very interesting read. You can find real strategies that he has tried and tested.

And of course, in this blog, I will share with you my journey of online marketing

and what has worked and not worked for me so that you can shorten your learning curve.

Learn from forums

If you are in the online marketing niche, one of the forums that you can learn

a lot about affiliate marketing is In this forum, there are

many threads that are started about affiliate marketing, ezine marketing and

how to make money online. If you were to post a question, you can sometimes

get very good responses from astute marketers.

You’ve got mail

Subscribe to their mailing list.

Subscribe to the mailing list of gurus and read their emails.

Learn how they write and communicate their subscribers.

Do they send daily emails, weekly emails or occasional emails?

Very often they will write tips and strategies on affiliate marketing

which you can use and implement to better your business. In addition,

you will be first to know of any new product launches if you are on

their mailing list.

Hope these tips have helped!


What other topics would you like to find out more about?

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Hurry, simply post the topics you are interested in in the comments section below.

Good luck!

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