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A-Z Blog Challenge: Day 25:Yield versus activity

Posted by Cindy on May 1, 2013 at 1:07 am




Many people give up on their online business after some time as they find that their yield is very low.


That is the amount of time and effort that they have put in does not justify the amount they earn from their online blog or website In fact, a job at Macdonald’s may pay more.


That’s one reason why you need to measure the yield versus the activity.


If you are writing more content but they are not converting well, you may need to tweak a few things such as your headlines or subject lines.


Or if you are buying a lot of ads online to promote your websites but are not getting any sales, you may need to relook at the sales pages of your affiliate products or squeeze page.


Like they always say, you cannot track what isn’t measured. So if you diligently track your online activities, you will always be able to find ways to create that next breakthrough in your online business.

About A-Z Blogging Challenge.

In the month of April, I commit to posting a regular blog for my readers to help them with their affiliate marketing business. To find out more about the A-Z Challenge, click here


I am  was talking about my  planning stages in creating an eBook on Online Business Planning and these are the initial chapters.

  • Importance of planning
  • Why plan
  • Planing your product/service
  • Resources

Here’s an initial mock-up of the book cover, give me some comments on this.


Just leave me some comments in the comment box below.





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