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3-Steps to Get More Sales

Posted by Cindy on October 3, 2012 at 4:45 am

Hi Everyone,

This is the first post for October 2012.

3-quarters of the year has already passed and we are in the final  quarter of 2012.

This is one of the best times to review the goals you have written

this year and check off those that you have accomplished.

Speaking about this,

did your business manage a breakthrough

in sales records or are you still

struggling with making your first


Quite frankly, I only made my first sale

in 2 months when I started online.

I am not those who had tremendous success the minute I started

I had to pay my dues, take things one-step at a time.

Well, sometimes during that period, things can get pretty

frustrating and  you start to have doubts if you have

done things  wrong and why things are not working.

This is certainly not something that

I would be proud of sharing.

As it took me a lot of trial error on my

own before I discover a few simple strategies

that have proven to bring in sales.

Well, today I’m going to talk about the

4 ways which you can increase profits

with Affiliate Programs.

#1 -> Drive more traffic to your website

This is the most critical step. The first thing you have to

do is to get more people to visit your website.

There are basically two steps you can do so.

One is through paid- methods such as adverting, ppc,

banner ads etc etc etc.

The other method is slower but does not require

any investment of money, it only requires some time on

your part.

You can begin with article marketing, writing guest blog post,

create viral eBooks,publish more newsletters to drive traffic

back to your website.

You can try these two methods to drive traffic to your

website and in turn encourage them to click on

your affiliate links.

This brings us to the next strategy

#2 -> Increase conversion rates.  

If you can do one things, that is to increase

your conversion rates.

For instance, if you typically have 100 visitors and out all of them, 10 people were to click on your affiliate links and 1 end ups buying giveing you a sale of $20.00. What if you can increase your conversion rates from 1 sale to 2 or 3 out of 100?

Here’s a comparision table

No. of Visitors No who clicked No. of Sales Amount
100 10 1 20.00
100 10 2 40.00
100 10 3 60.00

So you can imagine that with just one more sale per 100

visitors, you can get $40 more.And you do nothing but increase your

conversion ratios.

Some of it may have to do with the  affiliate program itself

[Ex. How good their sales letter is,

their follow-up system, freebies, etc.],

These are some of the things YOU can do to increase

the number of visitors who actually buy.

  • Offer an incentive to those who buy through your affiliate link.
  • Offer them an exclusive membership to your prized content.

We’ll talk about this more in an upcoming blog post next week.

 #3 -> Increase the size of your sale. 

You can increase the size of you sale by

  • raising the price of the product especially if you have updated it and expanded the original product.
  • raise your commission per sale
  • increase the size by offering associated products, For instance, you are are selling an article spinning software you can also offer keyword research software, grammar guide, copyscape etc etc along with your one product.
This is the ‘bedrock’ of what I call the real foundation to becoming a successful affiliate online. If you have not made a sale online before, keep in touch with my subsequent blog post for the next few weeks, where I will reveal how I made my affiliate sales online.
I’m sure your first sale online will be your most memorable one.
If you are keen to read related posts, here it is again.
Take things one step- at a time and do not give up.
You may want to give these strategies that I personally try.
Here’s the link.


Magnetic Online Business Building Strategies



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