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How to Generate More Readers for Your Blog




Readers are the life-blog of every blog. Every blog creator is concerned with increasing the readership of their blog.


Here’s a few simple ways and low-cost ways to generate more readers for your blog


Join a Blog Contest

Joining a blog contest gives you exposure to other similar bloggers writing on a similar topic. By joining a blog contest, you not only generate greater traffic from all the rest of the contestants, you also increase your blog posting schedule and in this increase in content posting will keep readers coming back for more.

The organizer of the contest will also drive traffic to your blog as they try to promote their blog contest. This shared community will drive more readers to your blog

Join a Blog Carnival

This is one of the earliest methods I used to increase readerships of my blog. In just 30 days, I have increased the number of readers from a paltry 56 to 170 readers. This represents a growth rate of 200% growth in just 30 days.

I benefitted by gaining momentum to get my blog going at the start and benefit from the additional traffic from the blog linking to one another.

Register with Search Engines like Tech.norati

When you have written a new blog post, you can submit your new post url to websites like Techno.rati  or This immediately alerts readers who have subscribed to the topic you have written on that there is new content for them to check-out. Both websites are high traffic websites and you can benefit from this additional boost of traffic.

Repurpose your content

When you have a new blog post, you can generate additional traffic by repurposing your content. You can turn the same blog post into an audio pdf and submit it to podcasting sites, you can add graphics to your blog post and turn them into slides and post on slide.makr. Alternatively, you can turn the key picture on your blog post and post it to Pinterest to generate additional traffic from your Pinterest account which brings us to the next topic on leveraging on social media.

Leverage on Social Media

You can leverage on social media by tweeting a link from you blog url to your followers on your twitter account and encouraging others to retweet your post. There are others who have driven traffic to their blogs by posting updates on Facebook. If you find it hard to manage so many different posting on different social media platforms, you can control this by getting Hootsuite which allows you to get updates from all your social media accounts all in one place.

Guest Blog

This is one of the recommended ways to drive traffic to your blog. You can guest post for related blogs especially blogs that have a lot of readers. If you are a regular reader of a particular blog and you find an angle which benefits the readers of the blogs, you can write to the blog owner and propose a few article ideas. Not every blog owner is going to accept your articles but you can also guest post for similar blogs.


  • First research a list of related blogs
  • Compile a list of blog owners and their emails
  • Propose a few article ideas
  • Send email to the blog owners with a summary of your article ideas or the first paragraph of your article so they can get a peak of your writing style etc.
  • Here’s a link to the popular website article on guest blogging by the author of Ramit has lost of practical ideas on how to improve your personal finance using behavior theory and he manage to increase readership of his blog to 150,000 in one week. You can check out his article here ==> How to Get 150,000 people o read your blog post in a Week

How do you identify article ideas? Check out Crawlytics which allows you to see what are the most read topics in your competitor’s blogs



Write for related publications

The last tip is related to guest blogging but you are taking the strategy and trying it with offline publications. By submitting articles to print magazines or newsletters, it increases your credibility and helps you reach out to readers who do seldom go online to search for information. If you manage to have your article featured in recognized industry publication with a link to your blog, you can drive traffic from offline readers back to your blog.


Let us know which of the above methods works out well for you?

The greatest failure is the failure to take action. You do not have to prefect the first time, you just need to get going.

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Jul 23, 2016