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I have recently been experimenting with one form of traffic generation with relatively good results. The best thing is that there are both FR.EE and paid methods of generating online with forum marketing. I find this method of marketing to be one that is relatively friendly as everyone is helping one another and in the process make sales for your business.

This is a long post as I list what I have learnt from this process and I hope it will help you along as well.

shout out

By DieselDemon

Forum marketing still works to drive traffic to your website. Much as this method of generating traffic is now less prominent given the array of social media traffic generation methods, it is still a good way to generate qualified traffic to your website.

Visitor and members of a forum cluster in the same place online as they have expressed interest in a particular niche. It is an online equivalent to meet up of people with similar interest.

Thus if you are promoting a travel accessories product, you might find your best prospects amongst visitors to a travel forum.

However, you have use the presell and ‘soft-sell’ approach in a travel forum and not blatantly ‘push’ your product to others as a forum is basically a place where people help one another by sharing information.

By DieselDemon


If you are in the Internet marketing niche, here are the top 4 forums you want to be a part of.

This is possibly one of the best and biggest forums for people who are in Internet marketing. This forums allows for

  • Post your own signature file that looks something like this…

Top 7 Ways to Get Free Sources Of Laser-Targeted Traffic To Your Site Or Blog
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  • You can include a link to your website, squeeze page and start building your list or a link to promote your blog.
  • This is one of the best places to learn from fellow marketers how to write and promote your eBook, do a product launch or get marketing ideas to promote your home-based business.
  • Although you are not going to be able to get 1000 subscribers in one night or a relatively short time, but it is a good way to get subscribers who are interested in your products or services. It is also a 24-hour silent sales message you can much effort from your part once you have set it up. What I truly call ‘passive-income’ strategy.
  • However, please do not link to any affiliate links as they are very strict about this. You can get your signature files removed if you violate this rule.



This forum is more acerbic at times and the language use can be very strong. There are still lots of online marketing gems inside this forum though some of your may find some of the post offensive. They do not allow for sig files.

This is another forum for experienced marketers and you can learn a lot there. I have learnt quite a fair bit about buying and selling of websites through this forum. The language use here is more professions. You need to register in order to post and add links to your sig files.

AB’s forums is a good place to begin learning about forum marketing as it attracts quite a fair bit of traffic. As usual, he allows links in sig files.


If you are not in the IM niche, you can still use forums to participate in by doing a search for them on Google. Alternatively, you can use your “keyword” +”inurl” operator to find forums related to your topic.


posting on forums















by  Ed Yourdon


In order to use forums as a means to generate traffic online, you have to be a regular poster.  If you are regular on a forum, it shows others that you are trustworthy and in this niche for a long time instead of some ‘fly-by-night’ operation.

You also need to post on highly visited threads in order to gain greater visibility online. It is best to comment and post on threads that have just been started for the past few hours instead of an older post as this means that your post may be buried deep within the comments of others.

by Ingy The Wingy


Contribute to the threads only if you have information and wisdom to contribute. Do not overdo it. Commenting on 2-3 or maximum of 5 posts a day is enough to put your sign files in front of a lot of people visiting the forums.

If you overdo it by commenting on more than 20-30 posts a day, you can sometimes be viewed as a spammer.

Do not post senseless comments. Contribute by giving information that helps of deliver genuine value to the formers.


This is one aspect of forum marketing that some marketers miss. On highly trafficked sites such as Warrior Forums, Google crawls them frequently. If you happen to comment on a highly popular thread, it is not unusual to find your post appearing on the top of the Google page for that particular keyword.

If you are creating a new thread or commenting on one, it is better to include some of the keywords related to your website in the post so that can gain the search engine traffic that comes along from individuals looking for that item.



Besides using FR.EE methods of generating traffic online, you can also use paid traffic methods in forums to drive traffic to your website. Here are three ways to do so.



The popular forums are able to generate a lot of traffic online and hence there are lots of people who would like to advertise on them. Many forums including the Warrior Forums allow for banner ad placement on their sites and they rotate them between the paid ones each day. Banners are usually placed at the top of the page and you can get lots of exposure from them. Currently on Warrior Forum, they allow a maximum of 10 banners on a day.

Here’s what to do once your ad is accepted

  • Design an ad
  • Add a link to your squeeze page or website of you are collecting subscribers or building up your list.


There are some forums such as the Warrior Forum where you can be a paid classified ad or a contextual ad to promote your product or service.

On Warrior Forums, you can

  • Pay $40 and create your own ad to promote your product or service.
  • They also offer a classified ad for $20.
  • Since there is a huge amount of traffic running through this forum, you can get a pretty good response for your product or service if you have designed an ad that attracts lots of interest.

There are numerous other forums that have a similar feature for paid ads. As with all forms of paid traffic, the  key things is to remember to set up  your sales funnel ahead of time so that you can convert the leads to subscribers and subscribers to paying customers.

This also includes your plan for adding one-time-offers (OTO) once someone has made a purchase via your online link.

There are many who use this method to build up their list and sell them on the back-end instead of adding a direct link to their sales pages.

Forums, like social media sites give Google a good idea of what people are talking about, what topics are trending, so it is not uncommon at all for posts to show in the search engines. There are benefits to marketing in the forums using both free and paid methods. It pays to learn this method of traffic generation to give your online business a boost.

In the next week, I will be sharing a story of someone whom I know who just started in online marketing and used forum marketing to make a healthy $1,500 per month online in his first month online. And the best thing is he did it without a website, squeeze page and list. Stay tuned and learn how next week.

To your success,

Cindy Siow


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Aug 28, 2012

Have You Allowed This to Thwart Your Email Marketing Campaign


Don’t let SP.AM get in the way by dok1

Yes we are talking about SPAM.

You have often heard that the “money is in the list” .Well, I must add one more clause.

“Click-thru rates often make or break your email marketing campaign”.

A click-thru rate that differs by 1% in a list of 10,000 names translates into 100 subscribers. There are  100 fewer people who can access and read your emails.

One of the things that can affect the click -thru rates in addition to the headlines is the ‘devious’ SPAM filters.

Most people are not aware that spam filters can screen out the emails you sent to your subscribers and placed them under the SPAM folder. Hence in this case, your subscribers may not be able to access your emails.

Here are 3 ways to avoid spam filters in your email marketing.

(1) Do some ‘forensics’ in your own Inbox

One of the ways to do this is to

  • Examine the emails that fall into your own email SPAM Folder.
  • Identify the common words of headlines that are used that caused the email to fall into that folder.
  • Try your best to avoid using the same words in your own emails.

(2)  Segment Your Mailing List

You can segment your mailing list into names that regularly open your emails and those that do not. You can also classify your list into buying customers or simply subscribers who have sign up for your freebie. In this ways, you can further segment your list and do tracking.

You can look at the subscribers who have opened your emails messages for the past two weeks and identify which mail server they have sent the email from. If majority of them belong to email addresses belonging to Gmail or Yahoo, you will begin to see a trend in those mail servers that probably have classified your emails under Spam. Once you have this information, you can take steps to eliminate this by changing your headline text or body text of the email.

(3)  Be Your Own Subscriber

This is an extension from the previous step.

Subscribe to your own list using different email accounts and this allows you to study the email messages which will not land in your inbox.

(4) Bonus: Use Spam Score Ratings to avoid spam filters.

Open your own spam folder.

Paste a copy of the message sent by others into your own autoresponder message body and look at the spam rating number. This allows you to see what the spam rating for the message is before it falls out of your inbox.

Do not let your own hard work and efforts go to nought due to minor details in the email delivery.

This wraps up this week’s blog post. If there are other topics you are keen to find out more about in online marketing or making money online, feel free to email to me and I will see how I can help.


P.S: Have you been frustrated or disappointed by the results you have achieved after purchasing a product online that promised you the world?

Well, then you are not alone and this happens often especially in the online make money niche.

But you shouldn’t give up just yet, there are systems that really do work and that really make you money.

Like this one


This is the system that I have been following for the past 6 months and it has yield me results again and again. You can also check out how happy I was when I made my first sale with this system at

The Best $17.76 ever made

The real story behind my first $17.76 sale online

To your success,

Cindy Siow


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Aug 21, 2012

What’s Holding You Back?


Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about how I finally got started with an online business

after procrastinating and experimenting with various other online business opportunities for the past three years.
I tried creating adsense sites for passive income, sold stuff on eBay and tried PPC etc etc etc..

However none of this stuff was getting me closer to my dream of having an online business that will spin off passive income.

Until …
I decided to go for an online course and really learn the proper way to set up my online business.

Now I wake up each morning knowing exactly what to do each day to advance my online business.

I have been where you are now and I know how much you really want an  online business so that you can

spend more time with your family or pursue your interest.

But if you have not made a single dollar online, you may need to rethink your strategy or take some lessons.

I remember the most memorable ‘Cha-ching’ moment when I first made my $17.76 online.

You can check out the post here.

This has taken me almost three years to achieve.

Although the amount is not very big but it provides motivation to continue in my online business and

is testimony that the methods I have learnt works.
Looking back at my journey this past seven months, I felt I had taken too long to take action towards my dreams.

I ever asked myself this question” What’s holding me back?” And I realized it was this

Man in the mirror by Lord Cuauhtli

             photo by Lord Cuauhtli

Yes, it was the ‘man in the mirror’, in other words,it was  myself who was holding me back.

In particular, it was my FEAR  of failure that has held me back from signing up for the course. In fact I took so long that I attended the preview three times,  on three separate occasions spanning three years before I made the decision to sign up for the course.

So what is it that is holding you back from
• Your dream Internet Lifestyle?
• Your dreams and desires?
• The life that you want with your family?

I urge you, to take action now towards your dreams of owning an online business,

one that will bring you closer to living the ideal lifestyle you so desire. Don’t me like me, don’t wait any longer.
If there’s one thing that you need to learn to take that first step,

leave your comments below or email to me and I will see if I can help you get started.

To your success!

Cindy Siow


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Aug 15, 2012

Know Your Strengths and Turn Them Into Your Winning Strategy Online


small fishing village

In another 24 hours times, Singapore celebrates her 47th Independence Day!

Yes, Singapore celebrates our National Day tomorrow on 9th August 2012.


During this time of the year, I am always  filled with awe

at the pace Singapore has grown.


We started as a small fishing village and in less than 40 years,

we have transformed from “Third World to First”, this was quoted in a previous interview with our

Former Mnister Mentor-Lee Kuan Yew.


As a nation, we understood our constraints.

We worked hard to develop our advantages to compensate for what we lacked.


We can also learn from the experience of our nation building in our journey to build a business online.


Know what are your strengths and weaknesses and you can use that to your advantage.

  •  If you are a good writer, you can begin by writing articles for others or
  •  Use articles to drive traffic to your website. This is how I started. I started by driving traffic to my website using just article marketing. This was because I was on a really tight budget and I did not know about other forms of traffic generation until I found this ‘traffic explosion club’.
  • If you are good with the technical side of things, you can partner with someone who is a traffic expert and split the profits among yourselves.

So play to your strengths and let that be your advantage in building an online business.

Happy holidays for those who are staying in Singapore.

For those who are reading this blog post and you are serious about starting a successful online business,

I have found a programme that teaches you about building an online business from someone who  is

my neighbour and stays in Malaysia.

He makes a cool $12,000 while on vacation and he operates with just his laptop and Internet connection.

Check out his video tutorials here

==> Work From No Home


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Aug 8, 2012