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Know how to identify your pain



Today is the1st  day of August 2012.

I am happy to say that I have completed 19 sessions of personal traning.

This year I decided to make a change, that is to get into a regular exercise regime again.

I have been putting on weight since 2008 and I really didn’t like the way I feel.

It was one of the decision that I have  procrastinated for for one of the longest time until I

decided to get personal training.

It was awesome and I am finally back to a regular exercise regime again.

The best part of this exercise is we can do it outdoors instead of in an indoor gym,

not that I have something against indoor gyms but exercising outdoors is refreshing.

In one part of the lesson today, I was taught how to identify pain. Basically there are two types of pain associated with exercising.

If there is a slight soreness in the muscles, it is a ‘good type’ of pain. That is the microfibers in your muscles has a slight tear and new tissues are growing.


However,if you encounter a ‘sharp and piercing’ pain, then this type is ‘bad pain’ and this signals a sports related injury related to bad posture during exercise.

Now, how does this relate to online business you may ask.

You see,most of us get involved with an online business or home business because we wanted an extra income.

The slight pain we sometimes feel may be coming up short at the end of the month or having to scrimp and save for a holiday.

That I feel is ‘good pain’ as it drives you seek something higher to reach out and look for something new that will give you a better lifestyle.

The ‘bad pain’ is being trapped in an emergency situation that requires huge cashflow which you do not have or get you buried deep in debt.

Whichever pain you are facing now, the first step to get out of this situation is to take action.

Take action to turn things around. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to get going.

Do not wait till the pain is unbearable before you take action.

Go here, before it’s too late


To your success

P.S: This is a guy I really admire. He has set up his business in a way in which he can be location independent and that allows him to travel while making six figures online..True to  his word, he teaches exactly what  he does. Watch the video for more ….



I will be revealing July’s favorite post with more than 30% of readers clicking and reading it tomorrow.

Stay tuned and thank you for your support.

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Jul 31, 2012

The Real Story Behind My First $17.76…

first sale from Clickbank

First sale from Clickbank


Woo hoo… I got my first sale on Clickbank!

Trust me, your first sale is often the most memorable one.

You will feel as if you are on ‘cloud nine’ the minute you hear your phone go

‘ding’, that is the notification that you’ve made a sale.



You can check out the screen shot below.

First sale$17.76


I have not shared the full story behind my first sale online before so here is the whole ‘enchilada’!

This sale came two months after my coaching session.

It was one of the best sale ever made because it came at one of the busiest times of my life when I was

  • busy with relocation of my office.
  • With new product launch at work
  • Fulfillment of existing projects
  • Prior to that , preparing for a major Chinese festival, Lunar New Year

This is what I consider passive income. Income that comes in whether you are busy, out shopping or having fun.

But things were not that rosy three years ago.

Struggles online

The things that made it for me about three years back was my first Google Adsense check.

It was a check that looks like this

Adsense first cheque


I have already cashed the original check but yes, my first check was US$100.00 from Google.

This cheque can be considered as my first blessing or’ curse’.

This was the cheque that set me on the path towards starting an online business.

Thereafter, I really believed that one can make passive income online and thus began my quest to start an online business to accumulate more passive income.

I bought eBooks and courses after courses, only to be disappointed. I have tried

  • Bum marketing that is making money using articles and having your affiliate links embedded within your articles.
  • Squidoo lens but had 6 out of 10 lens banned which I do not know why.
  • Using PPC to redirect to my affiliate links
  • Craigslist marketing
  • Paying for tele-coaching online.

But none of these was sustainable. The income either came as a trickle or none at all.

I was ready to’ throw in the towel’ in frustration until I saw this

You know there is the saying that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

This couldn’t be more apt to describe my experience then.

I attended the preview and realized the reason why my income online was not sustainable.

That was because I did not really build up an ‘asset’ online. I had no subscribers. Hence my income was also unsustainable as I had no one to sell to create repeat sales.Everything that was done was a one-time effort and was not sustainable.

Why Jaz Lai’s coaching

What really strike me about Jaz Lai’s coaching was that his principles were tried and tested.

His system is simple and sustainable.

The emphasis was on

  • Building a list of subscribers
  • Driving traffic
  • Converting visitors to buyers
  • Rinse & repeat.

It was clearly a simple system that taught you how to create your own ‘assets’ online, that is building a list of subscribers.

Most big corporations such as Apple, Google even my neighborhood TVB rental store collected a database of its customers and sent us regular offers.

Jaz was teaching what other big corporations do and practice on a daily basis but he leveraged on the Internet to do this. In addition to this, this is what I really liked about Jaz and his team.

Walks his Talk

Jaz is a person who walks his talk. He tried every strategy that he coaches. He culls the best to present it in his course. I have tried his strategies and every one of them has given me more subscribers, more traffic and money in the bank. He has various strategies you can try but he is able to organize the information in a way that does not overwhelm.

3-days to an online business

Another thing that I really like about the workshop is the practice approach.

On Day 1, I walked in with my laptop and broadband connection and on Day 3, I have a

  • Fully functional website
  • Squeeze page to collect subscribers names & emails
  • Sales funnel for follow-ups sales, what Jaz refers to MR FUs system.
  • Plan to build my online business


Follow-Up Coaching & mentoring

the end is just the beginning

The end is just the beginning for many. Jaz has follow-up workshops and coaching. You can ask his team any questions you may have questions you may have in the process of building your web business after the course.

If you implement the strategies that he shares during the follow-up training, you will experience a spike in the sales, subscribers, traffic or all three. His strategies always give very good ROI (return-on-investment).

In addition, the private membership at Facebook helps too as we support and encourage one another in building our online businesses.


Timeless Wisdom in Online Marketing & Business

Jaz Lai’s strategies work online & in the ‘offline’ world as well. Listen closely and pay close attention to what he & his team teaches and you will learn timeless gems that you can apply in your business.

I applied one strategy to my current line of work and had sales increase by 50 %. In addition to that customer satisfaction was at an all-time high.


Have the system scale your business

If you want to learn how to have systems work for you whether online or in your ‘offline’ business, ICE is a workshop you cannot miss. Jaz strategies are simple and effective. He teaches you to have systems work and run your business instead of you being the proverbial ‘cog-in-the-wheel’ trying to tie everything together. If you want a business that works without you, ICE is the course.


After that first memorable sale, more to come and you look at the screenshots below.


Feb – Mar 2012

Feb Clickbank


Apr- May 2012

Apr Clickbank sales




June Clickbank sales


My experience is not an isolated case. Many of my course mates from the workshop have gone on to make sales, some have managed to quit their jobs after three months.

You too can create the same results for yourself with the right coaching and support from Jaz & his team.

Learn sustainable strategies to ‘stuff your inbox with cash!’


Puzzled about how to make it online?If you are still puzzled about how to make it online,

don’t hesitate, get coaching now.






To stay in touch with us, simply leave us with your name &email address below


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Jul 25, 2012