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Mini-Blog Workshop Series 5: Blog Organization: How to transform your Blog into a Blog Business


I left this topic on blog organization till the end as I feel that most people who procrastinate

to start a blog are hampered by blog organization.

They either spend too much time on this or spend too much time thinking

about what to organize. Well these are important stuff to do but if you want to

get started with a successful blog, one that will eventually attract readers and help

you make money online, and then the best strategy is to get started blogging.

There is a free download to help you at the end of the post.

Writing content, sharing what you know and helping others online so they

can see your expertise is the way to go. For example, if your goal is to visit

San Francisco, just purchase a plane or train ticket and start towards your destination.

Would you instead research for the parts of the airplane, find ways to fit it together to

build an aircraft and learn how to fly a plane before going to San Francisco?

Of course not because that would tale too much time.  So if your goal is point A,

then the fastest way towards point A is to begin walking towards it.

So once you have reached this stage, you would have

  1. Mini-Blog Workshop 1: How to get started blogging
  2. Mini-Blog Workshop 2: What should I write on
  3. Mini-Blog Workshop 3: How to monetize your blog
  4. Mini-Blog Workshop 4: How to drive traffic to your blog


At this stage, you may be thinking of ways to advance your blog further. Planning and organization can make the difference between developing it simply into a blog and developing it into a blog business.

Here are some steps to transform your blog into a blog business.



  • Set a Goal: What is the goal of your blog?




To transform your blog into a blog business, you must begin with a goal.

What do you eventually hope to achieve from your blog.

Do you want to benefit people with your content and earn your

living from sponsorships or is your blog a showcase for your expertise?


If you are developing your freelance career, then developing your blog

as a showcase for your work and expertise is important.

This works well for people who are in careers such as

writers, artists or musicians. Using a blog as a showcase for your

expertise is a great way to show potential employers what you are capable of doing.


There are also successful bloggers who use their blogs to develop

long term consultation projects. Some also use it or use it as a platform to

connect with others in the industry.


They key to transforming you blog into a blog business is to

first decide where you want to go with it.

  • What is your  current blog posting schedule


You need to decide what a comfortable blogging schedule you can

commit to is. For a start, it is important to be consistent. If you want to update

your blog once a week, make sure you commit to it and post on the same day every week.


All big businesses run on a set schedule. You local Wal-Mart or McDonald’s

has set opening and closing hours. This type of consistency allows your readers

to develop a type of consistency and expectation of what is forthcoming in your blog posts.


The more regularly you post on your blogs, the higher the amount

of traffic you can attract. In the online world, traffic means money.

If you can attract lots of readers and convert your readers into loyal fans, you can build a nice living from it just by sharing what you know and helping people who are interested in your subject.

This in my opinion is a nice way to live.


Doing things around your passion and earning a living from it.

This is entirely possible. I have a friend who is an avid painter but took up

a job as a production manager in a local TV station. So finally quite after six years

of frustration, took a part-time job lecturing on visual arts in

a community college and spent the rest of her free time after school painting.

She is on track to building an online gallery to make her paintings available for sale to the world.


  • Who are the people who write on related topics or complementary topics that you can network with?


No man is an island. In order to grow your blog business,

you need to be able to network with others. For instance if your

blog is on growing herbs in the summer, you can perhaps network

with another blogger who covers on the types of tools needed for a

home herb garden. In this way, you can both send complimentary traffic to each other.


I have seen wedding bloggers do this very nicely.

There are blogs that covers wedding photography who networks with

bloggers on wedding favors. Both sites will do very well as they can send

traffic to each other and their readers will benefit from this reciprocal relationship.


For more ways to send traffic to your blog, check out this

new product that can send tons of traffic to your blog or website and

help you make a consistent $2716.00 per month with only 5 hours of work.



Another source for learning how to drive qualified and legitimate traffic

to your blog or website has to be the inbox-cash-club.

This is a membership site that shows you step-by-step, how to

drive traffic to your website or blog. You can buy through this link for a limited time offer



  • What is your blog business model?

This should have been Step number 2 after you have determined your goals.

But I wanted to put it here as there are some people who want to experiment

with the content in their blogs before deciding on a business model.


At this stage, you have to decide how you want to monetize your blog on the front end.

Do you want to…

  • make money from advertisements on  your blog
  • seek sponsorships for your blog post
  • Be someone affiliate and promote their products. If you are choosing the affiliate model, then this is indispensable software that can help you organize your affiliate business, saving you tons of time. You can refer to the Affiliateorganizerpro.

After you have determined your front end models, it’s time to plan your back end offers.

If someone were to purchase from a front-end product from you,

what are the related offers you can offer to enhance their experience?

I came across this when I was purchasing my laptop computer.

Initially, I wanted to purchase a laptop that I could use to replace the one that had gone phut. I only wanted to spend $1400.00.

When I went o Harvey Norman, the sales assistant first determine

what I would be using the computer for and recommended a model to me.

Then he proceeded to ask if I wanted to extend the warranty on my

computer as they were having an offer for carry-in warranty.

That is even ever I feel that i wanted a computer tune-up,

I could just call the service centre and they will have someone come over to

my apartment, bring the laptop for servicing and bring it back to me within a week.

Next, he asked if I wanted a screen protector for my laptop, mouse,

keyboard protector etc etc etc… and gave me a box of 17 accessories on the house together with my purchase.

So I walked out of Harvey Norman a happy customer who had shelled out more than $1600.00 for my purchase.

I had with me

  • Toshiba M840 Satelite
  • Extended carry-in warranty
  • 17-in-1 accessories (Free from Harvey Norman)
  • Screen guard
  • Windows 7 operating system
  • Keyboard protector
  • Laptop laminate.


But I was glad as I had all the accessories, the ‘bells and whistles’

that would make working on the computer so much more pleasurable.

So do not be afraid to sell back-end offers if you feel that the customer can

benefit from it even more. Back end offers tells your customer that you are a

legitimate business and are always looking out for ways you can enhance their experience with your product or service.

For those of you would like template plan for transforming you blog

into a blog business, you can download the document here.

Blog Business Plan

I wish you success in your journey to transform your blog into a blog business and share your success with us on this blog. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

If you like the Blog Business Plan I have prepared for you, and then leave me with some comments on this post below.


Recommended resources

Traffic brokers: Make $2716.00 per month online

Inbox Cash Club: Get 1000s of qualified traffic to your website in the next 5 minutes

Affiliate Organizer Pro: Manage and organize your online business

Blog Business Planner: Transform Your Blog into a Blog Business (FR.EE Download for all readers)

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing (excellent resource by Darren Rowse)

Click here to view more details

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Jun 20, 2012

Mini-Blog Workshop Series 4: How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog


We have covered

  1. Mini-Blog Workshop 1: How to get started blogging
  2. Mini-Blog Workshop 2: What should I write on
  3. Mini-Blog Workshop 3: How to monetize your blog

In this week’s post, I like to cover a critical element in your entire blogging career if you ever want to be able to successfully make a living online from your blog.

If you have been online for any length of time, you might have guessed that it has to do with traffic.


Yes, traffic is to online websites and blogs like oxygen to the brain, cash flow to a business and blood to the body. Without traffic, you might have a paltry number of readers if you have great content.

However, with more than 181 million blogs out there, up from 36 million blogs five years ago, according to a study by NM Incite, a Nielson/McKinsey Company, how do you make you blog stand out and attract visitors to your blog?

Here are top five ways to attract more traffic to your blog


1.      Blog commenting

If you have written on similar topics as those top blogs out there, posting relevant comments on their blogs and related posts can drive traffic and backlinks to your blogs.


However, your comments have to be constructive; otherwise, you will be treated as spamming.


This remains one of my favorite ways to drive traffic to my blog. It is also a great way to network with other bloggers who write on a similar topic.


2.      Guest Post

If you have great content to share with high traffic blogs, this is another great way to attract traffic to your blog.

The smart way to do this is to approach the blog owner with a series of titles and outline of the post you intend to write. If they agree to a particular post, you can submit it for them to feature on their blogs.


In this way, you are building a readership for your blogs with people who are already interested in your content. In addition, you do not have to look for readers one at a time. They are already gathered on your other high traffic blogs. The only thing you have to do is to write great content that is beneficial to the readers of the blog you intend to guest post for.


For more on guest blogging and increasing your traffic through this method, refer to

this post by Neil Patel who has a great  post on this topic.


Neil is founder of two tech start-ups Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics so he certainly knows alot about SEO and driving traffic to your blogs.

Another resorce is the Guest Bloggin Master who has excellent tips on this as well. To get started, click here.

3.      Forums

If there is a forum that you are an active participant of, you can try this approach to drive more traffic to your website.


Whenever relevant, you can offer help to your fellow ‘forumer’s and add a link to your related post for them to find out more. Other ways you can get the word about your blog includes adding a signature at the end of the post.For more on this, refer to ProBlogger Tips


4.      Twitter, Facebook and other social networks

In web 2.0, almost everything is inter-linked. In order to drive more traffic to your blog, you can post a link from your twitter account or update your facebook wall whenever you have updated a post on your website.


5.      Blog network

Blog networks work this way, if you have content that is related to a niche, for instance, personal finance, you can get involved with a blog network. Examples of blog networks include Life Remix which has a famous blog by the name of “Get Rich Slowly”. What networks do is they will promote each other’s blogs on their own blogs. However, to get accepted by a network, you got to have high quality content so this strategy may not be one of the easiest one to implement but is certainly one that will reap great dividends for you in the long run in terms of traffic generation.

These are the top ways to get traffic to your blog, in next week’s post, I am going to cover ways you can use your blog to earn freelance income, which I believe is a favorite topic for some of you, based on your feedback and emails to me.

To learn more about setting up a professional blog and other insider tips, refer to this

ProBlogger Tips.



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Jun 15, 2012

Mini Blog Workshop Series 3: Ways to Monetize Your Blog




I am have been asked by readers, what are the ways to monetize your blog once you are online and have set up a steady posting schedule.
This is what I am going to cover here in this week’s blog post.
If you have been following our previous mini blog workshops, you should have a blog set-up on wordpress, blogger or any other blog platforms (Workshop 1). By now, you should also have decided on a niche for your blog and some sample post content that you will like to write about to communicate with your readers (Workshop 2). If you have missed any of the previous mini-blog workshop series or would like to revisit them you can click on the links above.


The content below has been researched and found to be helpful to others in creating an income streams online. However, I have not tried these strategies as yet online expect for Google adsense previously with some success. At this point, my intention is to have my blog become a resource for you and other solopreneurs who like to transit to an online business.
In today’s blog, I like to talk about ways to you can monetize your blog
1. Advertising
This is one of the most common ways to monetize your blog, that is to have ads displayed on your blog that are sent to you either by ad networks or advertisers whom you approach directly for advertising. These are some of the blog networks you can approach for ads.
Google Adsense: Displays contextual ads on your blog. This was one of the first networks that I applied to and got accepted. Adsense is a good ad network advertiser if you have relevant content with highly searched keywords. However, it’s difficult to make a lot of money from Google adwords in a short period of time. It took me almost 3 months to get my first cheque from Google.

Chitika: You can get paid per click and this network allows you to promote products through interactive merchandising malls and allows readers to comparison- shop before they decide to make a purchase on an item. Relevant information is also supplied to help buyers make informed choices. Allows you the autonomy to accept and reject advertisers on your blog which other organizers do not. You can also leverage on this platform if you intend to sell your ads directly to merchants. Allows you to sell links on you can retain control of the editorial of your blog.


2. Sponsored Blog posts

• Finding your own sponsors: You can approach your own sponsors if you a post that relates to a particular product or service. For instance if you are reviewing the types of online savings accounts, you can get a sponsored post from online banks, banks or financial institutions. However, be sure to let your readers know that the post is sponsored by ‘BigBoy'[name of organization].
3. Affiliate Sales/Sale of own products
Commission Junction
• Own affiliate program

4. Consulting

If your blog discusses on a topic such as branding for small companies, you may soon be approached by other small businesses to be their branding consultant. This will happen if you have excellent content that allows small business owners to achieve their objectives.
5. Sell memberships to your blog

If you have premium content, you may consider having a section of your most valuable content available to paid subscribers. If you are using wordpress, you can password-protect certain pages of your blog or use a membership service like amember.comor

6. Teach a class
If your blog topic centers on a niche topic that your audience is interested in such as building and marketing a mobile app, you may want to consider teaching a class n this.
There may be some audience who like to be guided instead of simply reading from your blogs. Other ways to deliver the content include

Webinar, whereby audiences can make payment and view a series of online webinars at pre-schedule times. There are others who charge for the content from viewers after the webinar and they pay only if they find the content useful. You have got to have very strong content in order to do this.
Tele-coaching, this takes place either weekly on bi-weekly. Participants purchase a set number of coaching sessions and you can go through the lessons with them through the phone. This form of coaching is effective and assignments can be given to participants to determine their level of understanding.
Live class
If you have the resources and stamina, you can deliver a live class at a scheduled time and location. Most bloggers eventually have live classes with some starting conferences such as the Financial Bloggers Summit or Affilite Summit, a conference for affiliate marketers.
7. Promote a Giveaway
If your blog has a strong audience base and attract lots of readers, you can consider finding sponsors for giveaway from companies and charging them for this service. Examples of products that can do well are items that are new, items that are easy to ship. New books can do especially well. If you blog has a topic that ties in well with the launch of a new book, you can request for review copies to be given to your readers in exchange for a book review for the author. However this approach works only if you have a large audience.


8. Sell your Blog
For highly successful blogs which you have taken considerable amounts of time and efforts to build up, you can take this final step to sell the blog away and allow the new organization or media company to further develop the blog.

These are some of the ways to monetize your blog. For more ideas on how to monetize yur blog, you can refer to

Further Reading & Resources

101 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Without Irritating Your Readers

20 Inspired Ways to Monetize Your Blog

How to Monetize Your Blog

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Jun 7, 2012

Most Popular Post for May 2012


Beginning today, I am going to post a summary of the most popular post every month.
For the month of May, we have four post which have made it to the most popular blogs post list.

The metrics are done based on
# Greatest number of readers
#Longest time spent on reading each blog post.

Here’s are the posts in the order of popularity

Number 1: 4 Steps to Building a Successful Online Business

After being online for 122 days and having made number of sales online,thanks to a supportive group of readers who read my recommendations on what works and what doesn’t. Let’s continue to cheer one another one in reaching our goals!

I have searched and read a number of blogs on the steps and ‘secrets’ to building an online business. These four steps I feel crystallized the basic steps a person has to build in order to build a sustainable and successful business online…read on

Number 2: How To Turn Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off

against the wind, not with it.”

—Henry Ford(American Industrialist and pioneer of the assembly line production method.1863-1947)


This post today talks about how you can transform your current challenges into stepping stones.

Well, I was reading a forum and this particular thread was very long with multiple responses.

This forumer, I will call her Jane in this case described her challenges.

  • She wants to set up a blog
  • She didn’t know how to go about doing it… read on

Number 3:Mini -Blog Workshop Series 2: What Should I Write On My Blog

In our last week’s blog, we talked about choosing a niche topic for your blog.
Once you have your niche selected, what types of content do you share on your blog?
If you have ever been writing for any length of time, ….read on

Number 4: The Best $17.76 I Have Ever Made

This blog post is long overdue. I made my first $17.76 online
about three months back in February.

I woke up one day and logged into my email account as usual
only to get a surprise message that says

Clickbank Notifications:”You’ve Got a Sale”… read on

Hope you like this summary for May.

To your online success.

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Jun 1, 2012