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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Goal-setting and prawning



Have you ever tried prawning?
That is fishing for prawns?
It is a favorite local past time here in Singapore.
Every weekend, families & friends will gather at local catchment areas to fish for prawns.

It is fast becoming a favorite past time for Singaporeans.

Prawning is fun, stress-free and thrilling, especially when you feel a slight ‘tug’ at the end of the fishing line, and you know you’ve got a catch!

If you are a beginner, the instructors will show you what type of baits allows you to catch a certain variety of prawns in their ponds. So if you are keen to catch large prawns like ‘tiger prawns’, you got to get a different bait.

So, what does this have to do with goal setting?

Well prawning has many similarities to goal setting.

In order to be successful in your prawning trip, you got to

#1: Secure the hook and maintain its sharpness first.

Translated, you got to make sure you have a definite goal firmly in place for this year and you keep yourself sharp and in good health with lots of energy to pursue your goals.

#2: Adjust the float and wait for it to sink.
What this means is that when prawning, you got to adjust your float or bait and wait for it to sink into the pond instead of making a big splash and ‘frightening all the prawns.

In goal setting,making small seemingly insignificant goals may not seem like huge progress but you are still making inroads towards your success. Hence, give time for your goals to ‘sink’ but make progress.

#3: Keep your ‘baits’ fresh and change it frequently.
WE can think of ‘baits’ as motivations for reaching our goals.

Different people are motivated by different rewards or treats. So if you have a larger goal, then you need to give yourself greater rewards to move you towards your goal.

For instance, if your goal is to write an article, you may give yourself a reward of a 30 minutes of free time after writing it. Alternatively, if your goals is to write an eBook, your reward might be greater at the end, for instance a short vacation once you have completed it.

In this way, you can motivate yourself to achieve your goals faster and without procrastinating.

You can also apply this strategy in your business promotion offers. If you have a group of customers that prefer more ‘hand-holding’ by you, you may offer consultation services, follow-up meeting, consultation etc etc etc to your product or services to motivate them to sign up for your services.

On the other hand, if you have a group of DIY-ers, people who prefer to have the blueprints and figure things out for themselves, then you may offer plans, checklist etc etc to enhance the products you are offering to them.

So, think about what ‘bait’s or things you can provide to motivate your customers so that you can help them experience your service much better.

Speaking about goals, here’s an awesome app I found to keep your goals on track

Check it out here

I like to hear from you what strategies or ideas you use to motivate yourself to keep on your projects and goals?

Leave me a comment on below.

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Feb 29, 2012