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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Traffic – Strategies Used by Best Traffic Generating Websites


Many people are interested to make an extra stream of income online.

Most approach this by setting up a website promoting their product or service.

However this is only part of the equation. The other part of the equation htat makes people successful in creating money online lies in …..

If you are curious to find out the next part of the equation that makes everything gel, read on below…

The best traffic generating websites generally never fail to follow the fundamental rules of any successful web marketing campaign.

They maximize the visibility of their websites by optimizing the various modes of communication on the internet. It might be through their articles or postings in forums or writing SEO friendly content.

Regular as well as constant monitoring is done and the strategies are consistently followed to ensure a high degree of success. Increasing the traffic consists of retaining the existent traffic as well as adding new visitors to your traffic base. Only then can a business maximize its profit.

They submit their articles regularly to the various directories which are existent on the internet. They are informative; provide inner tricks of the trade and the readers feel that some value addition has been achieved by reading the content. Then people naturally click on the URL for the specific website in order to know more or out of curiosity.

The best traffic generating websites also pursue the PPC campaigns diligently. The keywords are well researched and that which the internet surfers are mostly like to type in a search box. The most popular keywords are obviously more costly than the general keywords.

Submission of press releases is another important tactic which the best traffic generating websites employ. Using keyword rich content on the web pages is another characteristic feature of these websites and they can be easily crawled over by the search engine spiders.

The titles as well as the description of the webpage also need to have sufficient presence of keywords. Presence of sufficient internal and also external links is another conspicuous feature.

These websites have all been submitted to the popular search engines which is a free service. These strategies can easily be followed by anyone wanting to increase the traffic to his/her own website.

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Nov 19, 2011